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Video Production Guide

The managers’ step-by-step video production guide

OK, you know all the reasons why you need to get a video produced for your business. You know that it will boost sales and improve training. You know that videos are more affordable than ever and you’ve even see lots of your competitors successfully using video and you know you’re missing out.

So what’s stopping you?

The thought of getting a video produced can seem a real headache. There’s choosing the right video production company, dedicating precious time to lots of meetings and producing the script, then there’s the disruption of the filming and all the time spent overseeing the editing.

Unfortunately, most video production companies put the onus on you to do a lot of the organisation and work on stuff like the script. This makes the process painful, elongated and often increases budget.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an easy way – Shake hands with Stormnet Media.

Persuasive videos the easy way

Getting a video produced with us is a breeze. We’ll even hold your hand every step of the way through the process.

We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. After all, that’s what we’re being paid to do! So when you hook up with us you’ll be guaranteed of an easy ride, a stunning video and no headaches – Guaranteed.

Step 1: We get to know you.

We study your brand, your aims and your goals so we can agree on a direction for your video. Serious? Fun? Training? Corporate? Any way, we’ll make it spectacular!

Step 2: We provide a fixed quote

Before we start any production we provide you with a fixed and itemised quote. This details exactly what the production will entail, from how many days filming and editing, through to any animation and voice over.

The great news is that not only will you love how affordable the quote is but the price is fixed. This means that there will be no additional surprises. Not ever.

Step 3: We create a killer script.

We really want to engage the viewer and accomplish the goals we’ve all set for the work. We write a script to do just that. This sets the stage for the whole thing! It also means that you can see from the get-go what it is you are getting.

Step 4: We start creating visual style.

This is where the design work begins! It includes designing storyboards, and illustrating the video. You always get the opportunity to feedback through this stage. Once we get your approval, we’re ready to get moving.

Step 5: We put it into motion.

Here’s where your video starts to really come together. Firstly we’ll complete the filming (if you’ve gone for live action). This could be on location or in a studio.

If you’ve gone for animation then this is where we animate all the frames together.

Step 6: We pull it all together

This is the real fun part. We record you a professional voice over, edit all the footage together, add in any animation and graphics and seamlessly integrate any sound effects and sound track.

And we make it simple for you to provide input – We supply you with online viewers that you can share with colleagues for feedback.

Step 7: We deliver.

You get your brand new video! We’ll supply in a number of formats for online and web use as well as a HD master file.

Why brands trust Stormnet Media

Our simple, no nonsense approach has helped loads of businesses like you improve training and sell more stuff.

You might not have heard of us before but we’re actually one of the most trusted media companies in the UK. Our clients include: Ferrari Europe, Nestle, Britvic, NHS, Motorola, The Post Office, Trading Standards, B&Q, DHL, Black and Decker and Royal Sun Alliance, to name a few

“Powerful and compelling videos have helped us double sales across a number of strategic channels – Highly recommended” Tony Parkin – Business Channel Development, Orange

If you’d like a to chat to us about video production or would like a no obligation quote then we’d love to hear from you.

We’re based in near Birmingham in the West Midlands and work all over the UK. Call your friendly experts today on 01527 910050.

People hate jargon

People hate jargon – Keep it simple with an explainer video

Helicopter view, heads up, ducks in a row, blue sky thinking…. Blah blah blah blah blah. Jargon, it’s annoying. VERY annoying. The only other thing that’s more annoying is when someone uses an acronym and expects you to know what they mean! Arrrrghhhhhh :(

This jargon amongst others have recently made Forbes list of ‘The most pretentious, annoying and useless business jargon’. OK, we’ve all used it – it gets stuck in your head and out it pops. Our colleagues use it and hey presto we follow.

You may be thinking OK, what’s the big deal – surely a smattering of business jargon makes you look like a pro. And yes, in some circumstances it MAY be acceptable but for the most part people are put off by jargon and buzz words. Especially when you are pitching for business. The truth is that jargon often alienates your audience, however it’s used.

People tend to think that meaningless ‘big words’ and jargon is the domain of untrustworthy politicians. You certainly don’t want to give that impression. When pitching you need to build trust and engage in an easy to follow format.

This is where explainer videos come in. Explainer videos are short videos (typically 60s to 90s long) that grab a viewer’s attention and get your sales proposition over in a short space of time. They are compelling, persuasive and they work. In fact, in a recent survey 85% of people would buy a product or service if accompanied by a video.

They turn your leads into sales. And they work. Period. The great news is they are a jargon free zone.

If you’d like to get your online sales moving then get an explainer video. We guarantee you’ll see as difference in your website conversion rates. Contact your friendly experts today on 01527 910050 – we’d love to hear from you.

4 Reasons why you should ditch the elevator pitch for an explainer video

4 Reasons why you should ditch the elevator pitch for an explainer video

We’ve all heard of elevator pitches. But how many of us have actually had that magical; opportunity? You know the one… where you’re in an elevator (lift for us Brits) and you have the chance of a lifetime to do that mega deal that you’ve dreamed of. It’s something that’s mostly confined to Hollywood!

However, in principal they work. People’s attention spans are short and if you can deliver that perfect pitch in a few seconds then you’re probably on to a winner. The great news is that there is something better than an elevator pitch, and something that will work 24/7 for you.

It’s called an explainer video. These are short, animated videos that grab someone’s attention and sums up your proposition in a few seconds. They make a big difference and skyrocket website conversion rates.

1. Memorable messages

Did you know that you only retain around 10% of what you hear, however if you add visuals then this figure jumps to a massive 50%. If you then combine this with the fact that 65% of executives would rather watch a video than read text then you can see how an explainer video would work.

The premise is very simple – the more people that remember your pitch then the more likely they will remember you when they come to buy.

2. Huge reach

I’m sure you’ve never had a chat at a party about a great sales pitch. But you’ve probably talked about a great video you saw. People tend to pass on and share great explainer videos. This is verbally and virally. This means that you can get massive reach with other people doing the work for you.

3. Explainer videos are not dull

The great thing about explainer videos is that they are definitely not boring. Most of us glaze over if we’re being pitched to, however a short animated explainer video that’s to the point and humorous will get you that deal. They showcase your personality in a way that no other sales tool can. You can expect to see your conversion rates soar with an explainer video.

4. Mind control (sort of)

Being made to sit through a mind numbing sales pitch is like pulling teeth. If you add into this the dreaded PowerPoint slides then it’s probably game over for the salesman. However, with an explainer video the user thinks they’re in control (when of course they are not). Watching something on your own terms is more comfortable and creates an environment where the user is more likely to buy. Combine this with a compelling animated video and ‘hey presto’ its deal done.

These are just a few reasons why explainer videos are the hottest way to convert more leads into sales. Period. If you want a compelling video that will help you sell more stuff then contact the friendly experts today on 01527 910050 – we’d love to help you.


7 Ways to Boost Business with a Web Video

Boost business revenue with a Web Video

More and more businesses are investing their marketing spend into web video production. This is no longer the domain of ‘big business’ – now, more than ever start-ups and SMEs have switched onto the power of online video.

If you’re thinking of getting a web video or explainer video production then make sure you read our essential FREE guide first.

First the amazing statistics

Websites that have explainer videos are 55% more likely to rank on the front page of a Google search.

Start-ups and SMEs that use explainer videos on their websites receive over 32% more clicks, 20% more calls and (critically) 25% more sales.

A person is 85% more likely to buy a product or service online if it has an accompanying video.

So, basically an online video will improve your SEO and get you more sales. Period. But before you rush out and become the ‘Steven Spielberg’ of your business here are some essential things to consider.

1. Planning is everything

It’s all in the planning. The most common mistake that we see is that businesses jump right into making a video without any planning. This can result in unprofessional or sloppy videos that can alienate an audience instead or engaging them. Every single video you produce should be thought through and considered as part of an overall strategy.

You should define what the aims and goals of your video is and how you are going to distribute the content. Decide on the type of video you’re going to make, for example do you need an explainer video, instructional video or demo video.

Map everything out from the start. This will help to make your video a success.

2. Know your audience

Lot’s of business owners are too close to their business. We’ve all heard the saying “can’t see the woods for the trees” and this can be very true when it comes to actually knowing what your customers want. It’s really important that you put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think like them.

Just remember that your customers only want to know one thing – “What can you do for me today?”

If you don’t answer this question with your website video in the first few seconds then your viewers will switch off. Think along the lines of telling a story and how your customer reacts to your messages. Tell them what you can do for them and how it will positively affect their lives and solve their problems.

Here is a great checklist:

Present a problem

Present a solution
Explain how the solution works
Summarise and call to action

If you stick to this formula then you will always have a good structure. This approach also helps give you a framework for the script.

3. Quality counts

The web is an unforgiving place and videos get shared – this is great if your video is good, but not so good if the video is bad! So think quality – your video represents your business and should positively impact it in terms of message and the overall quality of the production or animation.

Invest in a good quality video camera with HD capability

Buy a tripod – there is nothing worse than shaky, amateurish footage
Remember the importance of sound. Good microphones are worth the investment
Consider investing in some good quality editing software
Plan, plan, plan

4. Don’t give it all away – leave them want more info

Videos that are crammed with stats and detail turn viewers off. Get your main proposition over in the first 30 seconds and keep the video to a maximum of 90 seconds. The longer the video – the more viewers will switch off.

This is not saying that you can’t make a longer video, but be sure that the audience wants the info. For example, if you are showing someone ‘how to decorate a room’ then you’ll probably need more time. BUT, keep it concise and short.

You want them to contact you so leave them wanting more.

5. Boring is not allowed

Talking heads tend to turn people off. You need to be engaging and interesting. Explainer videos that use animation are a great tool for businesses. They tend to include subtle humour and be no more than 90s. A bit of creativity often works and can make a real difference.

Think about using animation

Connect with your viewers on an emotional level
Think about what you can do for your customers
Plan your story
Pick a thumbnail image that compels the viewer to click

6. Check out your statistics

The great thing about online videos is that you can check the viewing statistics using your analytics. This will allow you judge the success of the video, engagement and if it’s been shared.

7. Don’t forget your call to action

It sounds too simple, but your audience wants you to tell them what to do. They want a clear call to action. In addition to contact details you can now include clickable links on a video that allows you to direct your audience to an action.

Online video is here to stay and the best way to boost your business. We help lots of businesses like you achieve huge success online with marketing and explainer videos. We have lots of FREE guides that you can use to help you create a killer video.

If you’d like to get a video produced then we’d love to help, we’re based near Birmingham and work all over the UK… please feel free to call your friendly experts today on 01527 910050


Essential Web Video Statistics

Essential web video statistics – and how they affect your company

Are you a business start-up or SME? Or do you manage the sales strategy for a business? If you answer yes then have you considered video marketing? If not then maybe it’s time you did as there is a lot of compelling evidence as to why this is one of the most powerful ways to boost sales.

In all likelihood if you don’t use video online then you’re probably missing out on a great opportunity. If someone watches an online video (such as a marketing or explainer video) then they are already interested. This means that it’s just a short step to turn that lead into a sale.

Here are some amazing statistics…

Make your web video effective – Here’s the stats.

Did you know that you only have 10 seconds to grab the attention of a viewer of a video? And around a fifth of these will be lost in the first 10 seconds. It get’s worse… you’ll also lose around 30% of your audience by 30 seconds, 50% by around a minutes and 61% by the two minute mark.

Mobile viewers however, seem to have a better attention span. Apple phone users will watch videos for around two and a half minutes and Android user will get to three minutes. The ones with the longest attention span are the iPad users with an attention span that hits 5 minutes. (Incidentally, this is why you should always have a mobile website as well as your main site).

Explainer videos and marketing videos have to be effective from the get-go. The rewards are huge, you could be missing out on over 400% of profit (which some of your competition are enjoying). So to make sure you get a video that works then you’ll need a professional video production company to help you. We have lot’s of FREE guides to help you with a range of things from how to write a killer script though to how to structure your video.

A Picture is worth more than a thousand words – it’s official

According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. So the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is true – well, it should probably say ‘a picture is worth 1.8 million words’.

Even if you can be bothered to actually write 1.8 million words it would take you around 160 days. This is the effort that’s needed to get the same impact as 1 minute of video. So, as you can see, video is by far the most effective way of marketing your business.

How big is the web video market?

In a survey that measures user engagement almost 46% of Internet users watch at least three videos per month. In fact, every day over 120 million people watch web videos.

Ninety five percent of visitors to a retail website stated that they find video useful when making a buying decision. Retailers using video on their website to explain a product or service report that the products or services with an accompanying video sell more than those without.

In terms of B2B then 80% of executives (in a survey by Forbes) said that they watch videos related to their business or associated services at least once a week. And 70% of these will visit the related website after seeing the video. If this was your site then this means driving relevant traffic that’s ready and interested in buying what you are offering.

In fact, 59% of company executives stated that they would much rather watch a video than read text. You can now see the opportunity that a website video brings.

What will I get from a web video?

Over 85% of people using the Internet remember watching a marketing video or explainer video on a website that they visited in the last month. Of those, then 30% visited the company website featured in the video and 16% actually purchased the product or service. According to another online survey then 85% of your website visitors are more likely to buy a product or service if accompanied by an explainer video or sales video.

Make your e-mail marketing more effective

It’s not just websites that benefit from online videos. By simply adding a video to an introductory e-mail can increase the click through rate by almost 97%. Amazing.

If you ignore the power of using explainer videos and sales videos on your website you’re missing out to your competition who do use them. Companies that use online videos experience vastly improved click through rates and sales. So, for just a small investment you could be taking advantage of all that missed revenue.

If you’d like any help and advice on video production then we’d love to help you. We produce compelling explainer videos and website videos that work. Contact us today on 01527 910050.

5 Ways to Maximise Video Engagement

5 ways to maximise video engagement and drive online success…

The amount of videos that are being produced daily is simply staggering. These are being produced by people at home, students, businesses as well as video production companies. But with all this video content how do you make sure your video stands out from the crowd and get’s noticed above your competitors?

Just follow our easy-to-read guide on the essential 5 ways to maximise video engagement.

1. Make it short and concise!

The online video viewer is impatient. There has been a lot of research that has shown that people lose interest around 60 to 90 seconds into a video. Every second past this and your audiences’ attention will start to nose-dive. Crucially, if the viewer knows that the video is long their attention will wane even earlier.

However, if the viewer knows the video is short they will stay with it and watch it all. This is why most explainer videos (the videos that drive sales on websites) are no more than 90 seconds long.

2. Get to the point

OK, we know that the audience has a short attention span. And we know that the video needs to be short. So it’s vital that you put your message in the first 30 seconds of your video. This will help viewers understand your story and know what to expect.

3. Get the structure right

When it comes to online videos and in particular explainer videos then most use a simple and effective structure.

Present a problem
Present a solution
Explain how the solution works
Summarise and call to action

If you stick to this formula then you will always have a good structure. This approach also helps give you a framework for the script.

4. Make it personal

People are simply turned off by statistics, boasts (e.g. “we are the leading blah blah blah”) and impersonal content. Given that your time-frame is very short then need to connect with your audience quickly. Good quality, personal content that solves a problem for your audience will ensure maximum engagement. Use words like “you” and “yours” in the dialogue and make the overall ‘feel’ friendly and jargon free.

5. Make it relevant

OK, so your killer explainer video is complete. However you now need to take a moment to consider where you put it on your website. The placement of the video on a relevant page will make a difference to who watches it. This also includes any description or thumbnail. You want your viewers to hit the play button so therefore it should be placed so that it’s in context with the rest of the info on the page.

By following these five steps you’ll maximise video engagement. If you’d like to get an explainer video or any video production for your business (and be happy in the knowledge that all the above will be taken care of) then talk to us. We help loads of companies like you achieve online success with compelling explainer videos that work.

We’re based near Birmingham in the West Midlands and work for customers all over the UK. If you’d like the success you deserve then call us on 01527 910050 today. We’d love to hear from you.


How To Write The Perfect Explainer Video Script

The 10 most important points on how to write the perfect Explainer Video script

The great thing about a video is that it has the power to deliver a compelling story about your products or services in just 60 seconds. However, before you get excited about the animation part you need to think about the script. This is the basis for a super-successful explainer video. A persuasive script will ensure that your new explainer video is a hit, and does what it’s supposed – enable you to sell more stuff.

1. Know your audience

Think about your audience, what are their possible objections to using your service or buying your products? Understanding these crucial factors will help you understand what turns them on or off. Often we’ll help our customers by doing a conversion rate study on their website prior to producing an explainer video. This research allows you to better understand what your customers are looking for.

2. Short is good

Generally speaking, Internet audiences are pretty fickle. Someone checking out your website will leave after around 2 – 3 minutes. So that’s why explainer videos tend to be around 60 – 90 seconds long. Your script should reflect these factors and in most cases stay under 90 seconds.

3. Get you message over fast

Think about the message of your entire video and put it in the first 30 seconds. Make it just one sentence long so the audience immediately understands what the video is about. They’ll then pay attention to the whole video.

4. Be direct

Be direct with your audience and you personal words like “you” and “your”. Don’t waste time telling your viewers what they know already, instead focus of things they care about, what will bring trust and what sort of action you want them take. You want to engage and make friends with your audience that will create an environment and connection where you are more likely to be able to sell your product or service.

5. Get the pitch and tone right from the start

When writing an explainer video script you should try and picture your prospects. This will help you make sure that the tone of the video is correct. For example, the tone to a builder may be different to the tone used for an IT buyer. It’s useful to summarise the video production in a sentence and what actions you want the user to take.

Many explainer videos use character animation. So, to help write realistic dialogue it’s worth imagining real people as the various animated characters. This really helps visualise the overall story, tone, pace and idiosyncrasies of the characters. The script will then flow.

6. It’s all about the story

Nearly all explainer video productions use a tried and tested ‘direct mail’ style approach to the structure. They firstly present a problem, then present a solution, explain how it works and then drive viewers to an action.

People are turned off by boring stats and dull content. By using examples of how you have solved a problem that they relate to you’ll pique interest and engage. This will help build trust, friendship and a compelling reason to buy from you.

7. Use humour with care

Lot’s of explainer videos use characters and humour to carry the story. Humour is great when used wisely, but can equally be distracting if used clumsily. It’s important to make your audience smile and engage (in order to make you look remarkable and your message memorable) so humour should be built into the dialogue, voice over or visuals in a subtle and effective way.

8. Test it out

It sounds obvious, but many people will write an explainer video script but not test it out on friends and colleagues first. By getting feedback you’ll be able to refine you messages and story.

9. Not too fast

It’s really important that the voice over for your explainer video production has time to breathe and leave natural pauses. All videos need ‘light and shade’ and not just quick fire dialogue. You should aim for the voice over to be around 125 words a minute to ensure that the audience can digest what you’re telling them

10. Use professionals

There are lots of people out there producing explainer videos. If you decide to use a video production company then ask to see examples of what they’ve done and testimonials from clients. It’s a good idea to find a team with a good knowledge of SEO and conversion rate techniques as well as this will show that they understand the buying patterns of your Internet audience.

If you are looking to drive your sales and include an explainer video on your website then we’d love to help you. We have worked with lots of companies to help them achieve significant online success with persuasive explainer videos that have killer scripts! We’re based near Birmingham in the West Midlands and work all over the UK. Contact your friendly explainer video experts today on 01527 910050.


10 reasons why you need an Explainer Video for your company

Ten sure fire reasons why you need an ‘explainer video’ for your company

1. Boost sales

One of the important factors that Google considers when ranking a website is the time that visitors stay on your website. This is just one of the reasons why explainer videos have become so popular. An explainer video will keep a viewers interest and make a big positive impact on the time someone stays on your website. The explainer video will quickly sell your proposition in an engaging and compelling way, increasing your conversion rate and boosting your sales.

2. Skyrocket your website conversion rates

In a recent survey by ‘Forbes’ 85% of people are more likely to buy your products or services if they see an accompanying explainer video. Not only this but you can also see how many people have viewed your video which gives an insight into how many prospects are hitting your site.

3. Clearly explain your proposition

Text can be interpreted in a number ways that means that your audience may miss your main selling points. However, if you tell a story there is no confusion. An explainer video will take the guess-work out of explaining what it is your are offering. What’s more the messages are persuasive and compelling, which means you get more conversions and your competition loses out!

4. Up the interest levels in your product or service

Big businesses have already identified the importance of spreading the word about what they do with online video. Explainer videos are perfect for creating interest and being shared. They are evergreen and go on and on being viewed and converting leads into sales consistently.

5. Improve your Google search ranking

According to research completed by the SEO consultants (Spork Marketing) websites with a video rank higher than those without. Generally, if your website contains lots of blocks of text and images then it puts customers off and also it will rank lower in Google results. So, an explainer video not only quickly sells your proposition but also boosts results. On average a web visitor will take less than a minute to make a purchasing decision – an explainer video will ensure that your key messages are delivered quickly and succinctly. Securing your sale.

6. Go viral and get more website visitors

The great thing about explainer videos is that because they are often humorous and engaging people share them. This means that people start sharing your content via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This means more reach and more sales for you.

7. Make your sales pitch memorable

OK, we’ve all been in a sales meeting when the dreaded PowerPoint comes out (Death by PowerPoint as they say). Even worse is when someone hands out leaflets of brochures to read. Everyone just glazes over.

Well, instead imagine a 60s explainer video that gets your message over in a fun and engaging way. Leaving your prospects wanting more and understanding what your product or service is all about. So, you not only get all the online benefits but also maximize usage by using in sales meetings. Perfect.

8. Get the attention you deserve

Packing loads of text and images on a web page can have a double negative effect. Firstly, studies have shown that this can put-off your audience. And secondly this can slow down a webpage. Both these things can have a disastrous effect for your conversion rate and search rankings. However, an explainer video production will allow you to have a clean and simple design yet pack a real punch and get your message over quickly.

9. Massive exposure

The explosion of video online means that there are lots of FREE opportunities to distribute your video to a large audience. There are loads of video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo that rank well in search results – so you can get lots of extra traffic from these channels. In addition we can submit your video to hundreds of other video sites which gives our clients massive domination of search results for long tail keywords.

There are also the social channels such as Facebook, Google + and Twitter which allow you to share your content and deepen your reach.

10. People buy from people

The old phrase that ‘people buy from people’ is still true. The trouble is that with websites a lot of the face-to-face rapport has gone. We want lot’s more sales but how does a prospect judge your product and service as well as who they are buying from?

An explainer video production will allow you to showcase your personality and build trust with the prospect. Something that text and images alone can never do. This is why so many big brands have woken up to explainer videos.

If you would like a compelling explainer video production for your business then we’re here to help you. We are based in Birmingham in the West Midlands and produce explainer videos for companies like you all over the UK.

We are trusted by start-ups and SMEs through to global brands to produce compelling explainer videos that work.

“Sales conversions on our website has increased by 140% since adding the video – incredible.” Alan Davies, Head of Sales – Mobile Signal Booster

Contact your friendly experts today on 01527 910050 to get started – we’d love to help you.


Digital Media Company Birmingham

Digital Media Company Birmingham – Video, Animation and Web

Success for small businesses starts here

The internet provides a level playing field whether you’re a large corporation or small business. So don’t think you can’t compete if you’re an SME! We provide affordable web design solutions that can increase profits and put you on the road to success.

Our web applications redefine success for our clients. If your website is not performing then we can help by getting you results in the search engines and providing a useful tool that delivers bottom line profit

Rich experiences make a difference

We’ve all see the tired PowerPoint style presentations where customers ‘switch off’. Why settle for this when we can create rich experiences for your audience – engaging them and providing you with a memorable message.

At Stormnet we provide digital media solutions in a digital age. Everybody wants information instantly and we can deliver your information to your audience on demand giving you the competitive advantage

We deliver powerful and engaging interactive experiences that are full of rich content, live video, animation and graphics to audiences across the globe. We make the difference between an OK presentation and one that gets results.

Hollywood quality – SME budgets

Many organisations still believe that ‘Hollywood’ style computer graphics command ‘Hollywood’ budgets – Think again! We provide many companies with powerful 3D visualisations of products, applications and buildings for less.

Professional production

Having a professional video produced is no longer the domain of ‘big business’. We help hundreds of companies compete successfully for new work by providing them with an enhanced image through a high quality, broadcast standard video.

Health and safety for all

Delivering consistent and effective H&S training is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. At Stormnet we produce H&S induction and training DVD’s that provide real business benefits.

Save time and money with effective training

If you are not training your staff or customers correctly then the hidden costs can be huge. Our training solutions are used to make a real difference to profit, we can provide effective training via DVD, CD or the web on H&S, user guides, customer service and sales.

CGI for clarity

Computer Graphic Images (CGI) is a highly effective way of training. We have used this successfully to demonstrate the workings of many devices and products, especially where it is physically impossible to show in reality.

Our 3D modelling and animation solutions deliver spectacular results. These include fly-throughs of buildings, product demonstration and animated sequences that give you the edge

Medical and healthcare

We have helped a number of high profile healthcare organisations deliver product training resources in areas that are highly emotional and sensitive. Our production team deals with these issues in a caring and sympathetic way to ensure that the key messages are highlighted.

Affordable E-Learning solutions

E-Learning is the most effective way to train your staff and provide a full audit trail and record of training. We provide affordable e-learning solutions that include self test quizzes, live action video and animation.

Don’t lose that sale!

We’ve all seen it… the sales person who does not understand the product they are selling which results in customer frustration and a loss of sale. Our distance and e-learning solutions allow you to train staff on your products and services and provides you with analysis of the results so you can provide additional support where required.

Set your own standards

Our E-Learning system allows you to set the frequency of training and also set the pass rates. This means that you are not restricted by pre-defined rules and gives you flexibility in setting your own standards.

Pay as you go

We don’t believe in getting our clients to pay upfront for our e-learning system, instead we have a flexible ‘Pay as you Go’ system where you only pay for the training you use, as and when you use it.

Call your local friendly experts at Stormnet today – Your local digital media company in Birmingham. Call us today on 01527 910050

Video and DVD Production London

Video and DVD production London – your local experts!

If you are looking for video and DVD production, London then contact your local and friendly experts at Stormnet Media. We produce memorable and remarkable videos that make your company stand out from the crowd.

With such a crowded market place standing out is difficult. With a video standing out becomes easy. Did you know that people are 85% more likely to buy from you if you have a video on your website. The great news is that we are trusted by lots of companies like you in London to create persuasive videos and DVDs that deliver results.

“Having worked with Stormnet over the past years, I have found them to be thoroughly professional in what they do. I particularly like the way they engage with the client, making the contract a real partnership. The finished videos are excellent – way ahead of any other companies I’ve used. They are also a lot of fun to work with!!” - Tony Skowronski – Training and Learning Manager, Loomis UK Ltd

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll LOVE what we do that we actually GUARANTEE each video or your money back. You’ll not find this anywhere else…. How refreshing!

We offer affordable and professional video and DVD production, London. We produce company videos, training and promotional DVDs as well as health and safety videos for many companies in London and the surrounding area.

We cover greater London and these include the areas such as London Dagenham Southwark Barnet Brent Bromley City of London Croydon Ealing Enfield Hackney Lewisham Hammersmith Fulham Waltham Haringey Harrow Havering Hillingdon Bexley Hounslow Islington Kensington Kingston on Thames Camden Lambeth Merton Newham Greenwich Redbridge Richmond on Thames Sutton Tower Hamlets Forest Wandsworth Westminster Barking Chelsea to name just a few.

If you are looking for affordable and professional video and DVD production London then contact us now. We are the first choice for many large and small London based companies and organisations that recognise our high quality and very competitive prices as key to their communication needs.

Contact your local and friendly experts at Stormnet Media today for a no obligation quotation on 01527 910050 – We’d love to hear from you.