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Affordable health and safety E-learning

We have over 20 years of experience delivering effective H&S training to quality conscious companies and organisations across the UK. Our innovative e-learning solutions provide ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke health and safety training packages that deliver real business benefits to our clients and create a safety culture for the users.

We have a wide range of satisfied clients from SME’s to large ‘Blue Chip’ companies in all areas of industry, commerce and government agencies who all have identified the significant benefits that health and safety e-learning provides.

“These guys are the best in the business. The videos they produced along with e-learning platform have saved a fortune in training costs.” Kevin Simpson – H&S Training Manager, Britvic Plc

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Health and Safety Induction

Fire Safety

Manual Handling

Display Screen Equipment

Risk Assessment

Home Worker


Office Safety

Stress in the workplace

Lone Working

Environmental Awareness

Polish Food Hygiene

Polish Induction

Slips, Trips and Falls


Data Protection

Electrical Safety

Risk Assessment

Working at Height


Many of our clients have recognised that e-Learning offers significant benefits in terms of time saved in both the planning and delivery of training as well as reduction in training costs and staff/management time. Our e-learning provides consistency of delivery and record keeping that provides a comprehensive audit trail.

Our e-learning solution will help to provide protection from future potential litigation claims. By implementing e-learning you can immediately train all your existing staff – something that can’t be achieved quickly with traditional training.

The Key features and benefits of our E-learning solution:

Value for money

Our e-learning solution provides excellent value for money and is significantly more affordable than traditional training. Our system is one of the most affordable on the market yet with some of the most powerful features, delivering real benefits to you and your staff.

Continuity in H&S training

With any traditional training it is difficult to ensure that the information being given is always the same, every time – especially if you have multi sites or home workers. Our solution solves this problem as it always delivers the same accurate information every time.

Full audit trail

Our e-learning solution comes with its own powerful yet easy to use ‘E-Learning Management Console (ELM)’. This is the main reporting and management tool that allows you to track users and gather useful training and risk analysis information. You can output the information in a number of formats such as spreadsheets and pie charts for easy management at a glance.

All staff get trained

One of the problems traditional training does not address is when you have a high staff turnover which means that some staff miss vital H&S training. You can eliminate this risk by implementing our e-learning solution which monitors the training and the training cycle automatically.

Always up to date

We continually check and audit our content with a highly qualified independent health and safety organisation to ensure that our modules are always up to date.

Includes all H&S topics

We have developed a suite of relevant H&S modules that is continually being added to so that you will always find the training you require when you need it. If you have specific needs we can create bespoke content for you.

Training can be completed online from work or home

The e-learning solution is delivered via the Internet which means that users can complete their training from work, home or anywhere in the world!

Bespoke content and branding

The First Health & Safety e-learning solution comes with its own on-board content management system (CMS) included. This allows you to modify module content to suit your specific needs as well as add images and edit the questions and answers in the self test section. The system can be branded with your company logo to add the finishing touch if required.

Reduces litigation

In today’s litigious society companies are looking for ways to reduce claims and create a safe working environment for their staff. Our e-learning solution provides a ‘safety first culture’ by ensuring that safety training responsibilities are fulfilled.

Staff retention

By investing in staff training you will help to increase staff retention and reduce absenteeism. This is one of the many hidden benefits of our e-learning solution.

Interactive and engaging

We have invested heavily in the design and presentation of our e-learning solution to ensure that it is interactive and engaging and delivers effective training information. It includes text, images, animation and live video as well as a self test section.

Refresher training

The built in ‘training cycle’ administration tool ensures that your staff receive the proper training on a regular basis. You can decide on the frequency of training and which modules they should be taking which means you stay compliant all the time.

Self Paced

Training can be completed at a time, place and pace to suit your needs and the needs of your staff. Training takes place at users own PC or anywhere with an internet connection.

No IT worries

We deliver your e-learning system via a secure internet site. Your information is stored on our secure servers and backed up daily. We maintain, host and look after all the IT so you don’t have to.

Pay as you go

Buy the training credits you need, when you need them either via our online payment system or via invoice.

E-Learning Management System (ELM)

The powerful yet easy-to-use E-Learning Management console provides you with a central area for the management of the users, reporting, training as well as content management – a key feature of our system

ELM allows you to monitor the progress of users, set training cycles, pass rates and a whole range of highly useful functions to assist in gathering training information and risk analysis data when you need it.

The features include:

Full audit trail of users

Completed courses – view and monitor progress of users through the courses

E Mail – send global or individual e-mails to users via the system

Test results – ‘At a glance’ test results as well as detailed information on individuals and groups

Multi tier – Set up individuals and groups.

Risk rating – determine the risk rating of any employee

Training cycle – set the frequency of training

Training history – view full history for individuals across the company.

Printable certificates – the system can issue a personalised certificate of achievement for each user.

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