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Did you know that the dominant operating system for smartphones in the UK isn’t Apple’s IOS – it’s Android. Despite the popularity of the Apple and Microsoft systems, Android’s robust and user-friendly interface makes it the system of choice for the majority of handsets.

Why do I need an Android app development?

You can be forgiven for thinking that if your website is already optimised for mobile that you don’t need an Android app – but you’re mistaken.

In terms of ROI, an app beats a mobile website hands down every time. Why? Because it connects you more directly to your customers and prospects, and allows a more user-friendly, instantaneous experience that’s highly-effective at boosting your bottom line.

Here are just a few of the benefits of bespoke Android app development for your business:

Much faster than a mobile website
Your app will function offline
Your app will be permanently linked to the smartphone home screen, therefore always visible
Your business will become visible in the app store

An app can do anything

When you consider the huge range of uses for Android apps, and you’ll understand just what a valuable business opportunity you’re looking at. With a little creative thinking, an app can do anything – here are just a few examples:

Content delivery – text, video, audio, etc
Customer services
Product catalogue and ordering

Don’t underestimate the popularity of apps among smartphone users. Around 20,000 apps are uploaded to the app store every single month. That’s a lot of demand, and it’s only the beginning.

Early-adopters see the largest returns

But, being a relatively new system, first marketed in 2008, a staggering 80% of major UK retailers have yet to release an Android app. Which is great news for you. By getting in early, you stand to attract the most customers, and make the biggest returns.

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