4 Reasons why you should ditch the elevator pitch for an explainer video

4 Reasons why you should ditch the elevator pitch for an explainer video

We’ve all heard of elevator pitches. But how many of us have actually had that magical; opportunity? You know the one… where you’re in an elevator (lift for us Brits) and you have the chance of a lifetime to do that mega deal that you’ve dreamed of. It’s something that’s mostly confined to Hollywood!

However, in principal they work. People’s attention spans are short and if you can deliver that perfect pitch in a few seconds then you’re probably on to a winner. The great news is that there is something better than an elevator pitch, and something that will work 24/7 for you.

It’s called an explainer video. These are short, animated videos that grab someone’s attention and sums up your proposition in a few seconds. They make a big difference and skyrocket website conversion rates.

1. Memorable messages

Did you know that you only retain around 10% of what you hear, however if you add visuals then this figure jumps to a massive 50%. If you then combine this with the fact that 65% of executives would rather watch a video than read text then you can see how an explainer video would work.

The premise is very simple – the more people that remember your pitch then the more likely they will remember you when they come to buy.

2. Huge reach

I’m sure you’ve never had a chat at a party about a great sales pitch. But you’ve probably talked about a great video you saw. People tend to pass on and share great explainer videos. This is verbally and virally. This means that you can get massive reach with other people doing the work for you.

3. Explainer videos are not dull

The great thing about explainer videos is that they are definitely not boring. Most of us glaze over if we’re being pitched to, however a short animated explainer video that’s to the point and humorous will get you that deal. They showcase your personality in a way that no other sales tool can. You can expect to see your conversion rates soar with an explainer video.

4. Mind control (sort of)

Being made to sit through a mind numbing sales pitch is like pulling teeth. If you add into this the dreaded PowerPoint slides then it’s probably game over for the salesman. However, with an explainer video the user thinks they’re in control (when of course they are not). Watching something on your own terms is more comfortable and creates an environment where the user is more likely to buy. Combine this with a compelling animated video and ‘hey presto’ its deal done.

These are just a few reasons why explainer videos are the hottest way to convert more leads into sales. Period. If you want a compelling video that will help you sell more stuff then contact the friendly experts today on 01527 910050 – we’d love to help you.