Training Videos

Broadcast quality training videos that save you money and increase productivity

Every employer knows that training new staff is a big drain on your company’s time and other resources. So getting it right first time is incredibly valuable, and allows you to focus as much energy as possible on activities that are more measurably productive.

Achieving a consistent level of staff training is incredibly important in today’s market. Proper training reinforces brand values, service levels and the whole customer experience. With so much competition in the market, these are often the details that can make your business a success – or failure.

Why make training videos?

If you’ve never commissioned training videos before, you may be wondering why video is the medium of choice for any business that’s committed to success, a good return on investment, and excellent value for money.

Put simply, no other medium connects with your audience in the way that video does. New employees watching a training video will retain twice as much information as those only reading text.

Not only that, but video allows your message to be digested much more quickly. You have full control over the tone of your message, avoiding ambiguity and misinterpretation.

And a video presentation means that your senior staff are free to carry on working during training sessions if required.

Trusted by big brands and SMEs to deliver measurable results

Did you know that we’ve produced professional, broadcast-quality training videos for big name brands and SMEs including the Post Office, Motorola, Pepsi and more? We’re trusted by businesses of all sizes to deliver not only impressive-looking, but effective videos that are highly targeted to your business and training needs.

“Stormnet Media are professional, enthusiastic and come highly recommended” – Tracy Bond, The Post Office Group

All of our customers reap the same benefits, regardless of how much money they’re spending:

Jargon-free commuication – instead of trying to impress you with jargon like some studios, we only communicate in simple, plain English
Focus on results – we’re an award-winning video production studio, with all the creative flair you’d expect from an industry-leader. But we never lose sight of your business objectives
Heavyweight talent – you’ll get the chance to have some of the best designers and producers in the business create a stunning piece of work for your company

We’re based near Birmingham in the West Midlands and work for customers all over the UK.

Producing professional, commercial-standard training videos doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think. If you’d like to work with a friendly team of training video experts, simply get in touch today.

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