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What makes the iPad so special? Aside from it being the UK’s leading tablet computer by a large margin, and the first tablet to be taken up in large numbers by consumers, it’s also the start of something big. Tablet computers are on the up.

But more importantly for you, iPad represents a unique business opportunity. A seamless way to connect with new and existing customers they not only enjoy, but actively seek out.

Mobile is a business revolution

In short, the internet revolution is going mobile. More and more people are beginning to use mobile devices to connect to the internet, as well as to talk to their friends, do their work – and crucially – interact with businesses, including buying goods and services online.

The question you have to ask yourself is: Do I want to get a head start in this new way of doing business and become a market leader, or should I wait until the market is saturated?

You already know the answer.

But if you’re unsure about just how important the iPad is, take a quick look at these statistics:

The iPad accounts for nearly 90% of web traffic on tablet devices in the UK
Nearly 10% of black friday online shopping was carried out on an iPad
There are 2.8m iPad users in the UK alone
75% of major retailers have not yet released an iPad app

In other words, this market is wide open for businesses of all sizes, and represents a reliable way to raise your brand profile, and significantly boost revenue.

What can an iPad app development do for your business?

The short answer is: whatever you want it to! But typically you may see businesses creating iPad apps for:

Shopping online – why make customers find your website when they can shop direct from your app?
Customer services – being available at the swipe of a finger is of real value to your customers
Content delivery – the iPad is a highly flexible device that’s perfect for text, video and audio
Entertainment – the iPad’s unique touch-screen interface opens up new possibilities for games and educational tools
Productivity tools – the iPad is perfect for managing your calendars, invoices, address books, and much much more

And because your iPad app is available offline, and is permanently linked from the home page, you’ll benefit from much closer contact with your prospects than you’ll ever get from a website.

Having your business at their fingertips means more attention, more focus, and more revenue.

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