5 Ways to Maximise Video Engagement

5 ways to maximise video engagement and drive online success…

The amount of videos that are being produced daily is simply staggering. These are being produced by people at home, students, businesses as well as video production companies. But with all this video content how do you make sure your video stands out from the crowd and get’s noticed above your competitors?

Just follow our easy-to-read guide on the essential 5 ways to maximise video engagement.

1. Make it short and concise!

The online video viewer is impatient. There has been a lot of research that has shown that people lose interest around 60 to 90 seconds into a video. Every second past this and your audiences’ attention will start to nose-dive. Crucially, if the viewer knows that the video is long their attention will wane even earlier.

However, if the viewer knows the video is short they will stay with it and watch it all. This is why most explainer videos (the videos that drive sales on websites) are no more than 90 seconds long.

2. Get to the point

OK, we know that the audience has a short attention span. And we know that the video needs to be short. So it’s vital that you put your message in the first 30 seconds of your video. This will help viewers understand your story and know what to expect.

3. Get the structure right

When it comes to online videos and in particular explainer videos then most use a simple and effective structure.

Present a problem
Present a solution
Explain how the solution works
Summarise and call to action

If you stick to this formula then you will always have a good structure. This approach also helps give you a framework for the script.

4. Make it personal

People are simply turned off by statistics, boasts (e.g. “we are the leading blah blah blah”) and impersonal content. Given that your time-frame is very short then need to connect with your audience quickly. Good quality, personal content that solves a problem for your audience will ensure maximum engagement. Use words like “you” and “yours” in the dialogue and make the overall ‘feel’ friendly and jargon free.

5. Make it relevant

OK, so your killer explainer video is complete. However you now need to take a moment to consider where you put it on your website. The placement of the video on a relevant page will make a difference to who watches it. This also includes any description or thumbnail. You want your viewers to hit the play button so therefore it should be placed so that it’s in context with the rest of the info on the page.

By following these five steps you’ll maximise video engagement. If you’d like to get an explainer video or any video production for your business (and be happy in the knowledge that all the above will be taken care of) then talk to us. We help loads of companies like you achieve online success with compelling explainer videos that work.

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