Marketing Videos

Broadcast quality marketing videos that persuade and sell

If you’ve spent any time studying the psychology of marketing, you’ll know that the most reliable way of marketing your products and services is to provoke an emotional response in your audience.

And you won’t be at all surprised to discover that by far the most effective way of doing so is with  broadcast quality marketing videos. In fact, research shows that a prospect watching a video will retain twice as much information about your brand as a prospect reading a brochure or print advert.

You’ll be pleased to know that a slick, professional marketing video from Stormnet is almost certainly not as expensive as you think. Not to mention the consistent ROI our long list of satisfied customers enjoy.

Video sells best

If you want to know just how effective video is when it comes to marketing, just take a look at these benefits:

Complete control over your message – video allows you to control the tone of your message down to the smallest detail, meaning less confusion and more interest
It takes seconds or minutes to communicate your brand values and benefits
People enjoy watching video, and the human connection it provides
Prospects who view marketing videos online are 85% more likely to make a purchase
59% of senior executives prefer video presentations over print media

Choose Stormnet – choose success

So what makes Stormnet Media so perfectly-placed to deliver high-achieving marketing video productions? Take a moment to consider the benefits all of our customers enjoy:

Jargon-free communication – we never try to dazzle you with geek-speak, and we understand the vital importance of clear communication throughout your project
Clear focus on your business objectives – we never get precious about the work we do, and measure our success on the results our clients enjoy
Heavyweight design and production talent – we don’t like to brag, but we’re at the top of our game

How do we know? Our customers regularly take time out to tell us:

“Good understanding and interpretation of the brief, professional video and post-production services, and a high-quality creative solution delivered on time and in budget. Stormnet Media rocks!’ – Ged Scully, WOW Communications Ltd

Our productions always deliver the right results, and we always bring the same commitment and attention to every project, whatever your budget.

So if you’d like to work with a marketing video production company that understands your business, and knows how to give you an impressive ROI, contact the friendly team at Stormnet today.

For marketing videos call us now on 01527 280 100 or visit our contact page for email options.