Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click (PPC) means more web traffic and more sales

Pay Per Click or PPC is a term that describes placing ads in search engine results pages. For example with Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

With the proliferation of Adwords vouchers, it’s possible that you’ve already tried Pay Per Click (PPC), albeit in a small way. And if you’re inexperienced in this field, you may have been put off.

Why? Because badly-managed search marketing is a great way to spend ever-increasing amounts of money for little visible return.

But when managed by experienced professionals like the team here at Stormnet, it’s a viable way of bringing a regular stream of new customers to your business, and probably some of the best money you’ll ever spend online.

Once a prospect has been turned into a customer, you’re likely to retain their custom, so it’s a very good way of expanding your customer base – and your bottom line.

How does search marketing work?

By using an in-depth sequence of market research, placing ads, monitoring performance and making adjustments, we can rapidly draw attention to your business, and quickly increase sales. Here’s how we do it:

Research – we take a detailed look at the key words and phrases your customers and prospects use to find your business so that we know where to place your adverts
Web analytics – by studying how your visitors interact with your website we learn how best to drive traffic for maximum response and conversions
Writing good ads – with only a limited number of characters available, it’s our job to capture your prospects’ attention with sharp and engaging ad text
Managing your budget – by targeting the right search terms, we can balance your budget with your results to make sure every penny comes back to you with interest

But this isn’t a one-off process. For the whole duration of managing your search marketing campaign, we’re continually iterating the steps outlined above to increase the performance of your search ads.

Part of a bigger picture of success

Although you can’t deny that the RIO offered by search marketing is significant in its own right, the best results are achieved when your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is part of a wider SEO and online marketing strategy.

When we tie your PPC campaign in with social media marketing, search optimisation and other related services, you can expect to see very significant improvements to turnover and revenue.

Don’t just take our word for it – ask our growing roster of happy clients, including household-name brands such as Vodafone, Unipart and the Post Office and an army of SMEs and start-ups.

Based near Birmingham in the West Midlands we work for companies all over the UK.

If you’d like to benefit from the exposure and influx of business that properly-managed PPC campaigns generate, speak to our friendly team of search marketing experts for a no-obligation chat.

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