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The Future of Online Marketing and Curated Content

How to get the most out of your social media tools

As technology progresses, the growth of new generation video, messaging and social media services are becoming more and more crucial to the development of marketing. The importance that we place on our devices is not only consuming our everyday personal lives but spilling over into the running of our businesses. Think about it. How many times do you use messaging services such as Whatsapp to contact a colleague on a daily basis? Or perhaps you use Facebook as a platform to grow mailing lists and/or connect with future clients or partners? Now these technologies will not be for all of us, but I could bet my bottom dollar that if you’re reading this article, then it probably does. At Storment Media, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to produce content that will appeal to all demographics, no matter the size or type of your business. Understanding your demographic is the most crucial information you will need before you decide on the outlet you will choose to focus on.

Here is a quick guide to the ‘big 5’ social media apps, how to use them to your advantage and how they can benefit you, no matter what your business is.



Facebook Logo

Over the last couple of years, this social media platform has taken on many faces and progressed into a heavily video based streaming and image sharing platform. While the younger demographic (16-24 yrs) are losing momentum and turning to more instant forms ways to reach and connect with the world more instantaneously (see Snapchat and Instagram), it is still a great way to reach out to a mass consumer database and getting to know your customers. For example, even the comments section allows you to get immediate feedback from your key demographic market. Being so involved and heavily inundated with video marketing content it may be hard to get your voice heard, but it does have its perks – don’t underestimate the power great content and it’s ability to gain popularity quickly.


Twitter Logo

Ah, Twitter. Another one of the social media heavy-weights. Twitter is usually home to celebrity feuds and sharp controversial opinions. However, Twitter can be a fantastic way to gain a rapport with your clients and customers. Depending on what type of business you are, it can be a way to share news, distribute links to exciting offers, news and content and show the world your wit and charm through snappy punch lines. If you choose Twitter to represent your business online, make sure to keep content updated. The danger of not updating your tweets can lead to a loss of interest in what you have to say and a potential lack of faith in your business. Because, if you can’t keep up to date with your socials, how can your ‘followers’ expect you keep up to date with your business and customers?


Snapchat Logo

If you haven’t yet ventured into the new world of Snapchat yet, then get going. It is a fantastic marketing opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. It’s original intention was to allow users to send ‘snap’ shots of their daily lives to their friends, whether that’s an image or a short video, only for it to be erased as soon as it is seen. The beauty of this new app was a refreshing alternative to the seemingly permanent nature of Facebook. Out of this grew opportunities for online-based businesses (such as online publications, music company’s, news sites and much more). Much like Facebook, it is very dependent on demographic. Used primarily by the younger age group of 16-24, however, if you’re business is that way inclined, it is the perfect way to reach out and keep your customers up to date using visual curated media that shows a level of authenticity and personality.



Instagram is a very visually stimulating social media and so it is primarily more useful for those with businesses in creative industries where the curators are able to show their work like an online portfolio. It is a lot glossier than sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. For larger businesses such as online magazines, for example, it is great to share snippets of content that will lead people to a website. But also for smaller self-made businesses such as make-up artists, independent shops or designers, to name a few, it can be a great way to gain followers and interest in their business and/or brand which will lead to further exposure. For example, rather than appealing directly to potential customers, they use a following to seek out potential partnerships, for example, brand partnerships and sponsorships. This is not to say that it can’t be useful for more corporate led endeavors. Using Instagram to showcase new products or services can also be a great portfolio and create traffic to your website.


Whatsapp Logo

This may seem like a strange one, considering it is the only non-social media app included in this range of useful apps. It is a growing phenomenon and can benefit you immensely. Used as more of an internal sharing application, it can be operated as an organisational tool between you and your colleagues. Gone are the days of unread texts, missed calls and mountains of emails, this app can be used to share media, mobile numbers and put dates in your phone calendar within a click of a button. With the accessibility ranging over both android and iOS it is a good tool to share marketing ideas by simply making a ‘group’ of your contacts, book meetings and get a fast track response. Though not directly a marketing app, it can be a great aid in helping you organise your team to get those creative juices flowing in an instant.

So, whether your creative business is the perfect fit for Instagram or if Facebook’s heavily video sharing focused platform is the one rocking your boat, we have the services to help you utilise this media to benefit you. Contact one of our friendly experts today to find out how!


6 Reasons Why You Should Make Video Marketing a Priority

In the age of social media and content sharing, we explore why video marketing should be at the top of your to-do list 

In the days of dial-up, you wouldn’t dream of trying to load up a 10 second video of a cat playing a piano, let alone a 2 minute long video just to watch the ethos of somebody’s business. Nowadays, we scroll through our social media feeds at lightening speed, watching video after video just to fill our tube, train or bus journey. This is not a mere phase of technology boom; instant video sharing is here to stay. As we saw from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, the power of viral video can be global and really spread the word about your business or cause.


1. Utilise Your Resources


It is no secret that ‘YouTubers’ earn a shed load of money for uploading 5-minute videos of putting on make-up, playing video games, or simply showing off their daily life. These unlikely stars have had a helping hand in making video content a key way for people to access information quickly. A lot of these young entrepreneurs found a rising gap in the market and latched on to it by creating interesting content for their viewers by tailoring content into bite size, well-produced chunks that keep people engaged. However, we are not here to talk about these curators of content, this was just the catalyst of things to come. Now, we have so many video sharing apps and websites that there is simply no excuse not to utilise them. YouTube is just one outlet to market and keep your consumers interested, whatever your business may be. Apps such as Vine, Instagram and Snapchat – where the users can create videos only seconds long – pushed for social media users to focus on short, punchy and engaging videos. Facebook shortly followed in these footsteps, offering a heavily weighted timeline of videos with many of those being sponsored explainer and corporate videos. If you came here wanting just one good enough reason to utilise video marketing and content sharing for your business, this would be it.


2. Sharing is Caring


When someone finds something funny, engaging or emotional, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will want to share that with their friends, family or colleagues. Whether this is an interesting article, a picture of puppy or an incredible business idea that they can’t wait to explore, people want to show this to others to create a reaction. This is exactly what you want the viewers of your content to be thinking. A good way to challenge this theory before you put your content out to the masses is to show it to one of your friends, family or co-workers and ask them honestly if they would share this after watching it.


3. Brand Recognition


You want the style of your video to reflect the brand that you are. Putting together a video with dark colours and clean lines may not be appropriate for a children’s clothing company, however, it may be really engaging for the customers of a technology company. Getting the potential consumers to instantly recognise your brand seconds into your videos will allow people to remember your business and be more likely to return to it in the future.


4. SEO

Not only does brand recognition help drive traffic to your website, but it also increases your SEO. It helps to push you to the top of the search engines and is likely to increase the click rate from video to webpage. Including relevant tags and web links to your content will help to also improve this.


5. Suitable for all devices

Making sure that any of your video marketing is, including (and probably most importantly) your explainer video, is suitable for all devices is a very key detail. Is your video suitable for all types of smart phones, such as iOS and Android? Can you watch this in high definition on a laptop or desktop as well as a phone or tablet? Is the content suitable to watch on a smaller screen, such as a phone, as well as a large screen, such as a desktop computer? These are all details that need to be thought about from the very early stages of creation right to finalizing the finished production.


6. Content, content, content!

Finally, it would be silly to not mention content. Of course all of the resources and tips above will help you to tailor your use for video marketing, but your video will not make an impact if it is uninteresting, inappropriate for your business or produced poorly. You may have great ideas for your next marketing video, but creating and executing that content is crucial. Is it engaging? Is it relevant? Does it make you want to re-watch and share? Conduct your own research and look at other businesses similar to your own. Have they utilised video marketing? If so, how long are the videos? How are they designed? What social media have they used to place their video marketing? Have their consumers taken interest and ‘liked’ or shared their video? These types of questions will help you to understand how to curate your own content and how best to exploit it.


Ranging from explainer videos to promotional videos and corporate videos to animation, we can help guide you in your journey to creating and producing great content. Contact our team of experts today and get your video marketing on a roll!

The ‘App-Conomy’

Why you should get involved and utilise applications for an ‘appier business or career



 2017: arguably, the age of the online revolution. Amazon, Google or Apple (the top grossing businesses in world, and all tech companies) are the proof that the online economy will soon be the only economy.

That is not to say that businesses ruling in tangible products or services will be ruled out of the equation, but the way they are delivered to the consumer is changing rapidly before our eyes. It is time to get on board with the ‘App-conomy’.


Have a look at your smartphone (from an educated guess and assuming that this is your mode of communication) and check out the applications that you currently have. The likelihood that you have a mixture of music streaming services (Spotify, Apple, Tidal), social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and/or other interactive apps ranging from eBay, Uber and TripAdvisor, for example, is extremely high. No, I am not psychic, nor is this a mere coincidence; it is the future of consumer interaction.


The Proof is in the Pudding

By now you will have heard of Mark Zuckerburg, the genius mind behind the multimillion phenomenon that is Facebook, but have you ever heard Garrett Gee? In 2013, Gee sold his revolutionary QR scanning mobile application, whilst still studying at university, for $54 million. Yes, you read that correctly… To this day, he travels the world with his wife and two young children whilst not even making a small dent in their earnings. As you can see, there is big money in the application building world, so get your thinking hats on, because who doesn’t want to travel the world for a living?

Facebook Logo 

How Can These Apps’s Benefit You?

So, you may not be the next Garrett Gee, however, there are plenty apps to increase your productivity at work. Whether you’re part of a large corporation or a small start-up, there are so many ways to organise your day with simple swipe of your smartphone or tablet. There are many ways to test and trial which apps suit you and potentially your business. Whether it’s Adroid or iOS, if you click onto the application store you are sure to find categories specific for your needs. From creating documents, analysing and tracking or even using social media to launch your business ideas, there are categories for everything. So decide what your goal is for using a certain app, get browsing in that category and test a few out over a few days or weeks.


Global Company Based Apps

It is not just social apps that can assist us in both day to day life and business ventures, whether its getting connected through LinkedIn or showcasing your business with Instagram. These apps have created an online database that allows us to monitor everything we are doing at all times: there is simply no excuse not to utilize this technology to its full potential. Whether it is Uber, a taxi service that offers cheaper journey’s in most major cities to take us too and from work, or Trip Advisor, which encourages us to compare hotels and restaurants, allowing us to make sure we are in the right place when taking a potential client out and Skyscanner, which allow us to compare and book any flight at a moments notice. You don’t have to have your own app or business in mind to take full advantage, you can utilise the app world through your current job or career by simply using it to organise your workday or load.

App connection

Your Own App Based Business

Whether you already have an idea or app based business in mind, or you tried browsing for an app that simply doesn’t exist (and it should!) there is no reason why you could follow in Gee’s footsteps of permanent holidaying in the Caribbean. Treat your app like a business you would as though you had a team on payroll behind you. If this is a new business, rather than creating an app for an already existing business, you need to think about the finer details.

Create a business plan, have a brand or image in mind and think of the level of usage and how much you can offer it to the consumer, as though it is a tangible product on the market. Don’t forget to utilise social media. For example, fitness mogul Kayla Itsines, who became an online sensation with her ‘Bikini Body Workouts’ and meal plans, grew her business through social media. She grew a consumer database through apps such as Instagram and Facebook to promote her fitness routines. Once she had a strong following of people interested in investing their time and money into her brand, she launched her own app, at a price, so that people could gain access to more detailed and effective work out plans. This is one example of a sure fire way to get the most out of your own app based business by utilising others to grow a consumer database.

There's an App

So, whether it is an app to brighten up your day or lighten the workload, the use of applications in any small or large business is a sure fire way to bring you to the 21st century. So, if you need an ‘appily ever after and you aren’t sure where to start, give one of our experts a call today. We’re ‘appy to help!


(Disclaimer: we apologise profusely for the terrible puns we have inflicted upon you throughout this article)

Generation Now


10 years ago, if you muttered the words ‘blogger’, ‘vlogger’ or ‘YouTuber’ in the presence of a business professional, you would probably be greeted with a bemused look upon their face. 20 years ago, those words merely didn’t exist, let alone become a valid stream of income. YouTube, the main platform for the 21st Century ‘blogger’, has enabled people to connect with the rest of the world by simply using home-recorded videos created by someone with a hobby. A savvy blogger filming themselves doing a simple review on a product or a tutorial on how to create ‘the perfect red lip’ has now snowballed into creating some of the highest earning, self-employed, influential people all over the world. We delve into the lives of these savvy business men and women, and how it can help you.

How do they make money?

To begin with, YouTube was just a platform to give people the outlet they wanted to show off their talents or hobbies, expanding from written online blogs. The more views a video would receive and interest it gained would entice advertisers to place their commercial on said video. For example, an advert with the latest type of lipstick may be shown on a bloggers video of a make-up tutorial, providing that blogger attracted a substantial amount of viewers. Advertisers then pay YouTube, who take some of the cut and then pass on the rest to the video blogger who created the tutorial. However, these types of earnings may look like pennies compared to the impact these ‘YouTubers’ are making.

Branding and Merchandise

Many YouTubers have moved on from the traditional income stream of advertising (although, don’t get me wrong, some of the biggest names online get a hell of a lot from one major company advertising on their video). Some of the most popular bloggers are now a household name and create bigger income streams from the likes of branding and merchandise. This can include partnering with big brands to creating their own brand. Some have gone on to release sell-out books, make-up lines, fashion labels/brands and even just branding their own imaging on merchandise can earn them a big buck. Some partner with major brands in order to promote themselves and sell a product and most of them create videos with a certain product to talk about, in which case, they have to label the video as an ‘#AD’ (by law).


Stars of the show

You think we’re joking? Well, just to make you more familiar with the process, we present to you some of the ‘stars’ of the show…

Zoella (Zoe Sugg)

One of the most influential YouTubers on the internet. With a whopping 11.2 million subscribers to her channel and over 840 million views on her videos, anything she promotes, sells. She has more followers than Barack Obama and had an invite to have tea with Prince Harry, but this isn’t merely enough. Some of her accolades include a sell out beauty collection with Superdrug in 2015 and her own book ‘Girl Online’ selling over 80,000 copies in the first week, making her the fastest selling debut novelist since records began. She began her blog in 2009, sat in her bedroom of the family home, because of this she is now known as one of the biggest influencers for young people in Britain with an estimated net worth of £3m.

Alfie Deyes

Or ‘Mr. Zoella’ is the other half to Zoe Sugg. Both popular YouTubers in their own right before becoming a couple, Alfie commands a subscribing audience of 5.4 million and over 435 million views to his channel ‘PointlessBlog’. For young viewers, this channel is about fun challenges, games and… eating candy on camera (Yep, you heard us correctly, this particular ‘candy eating’ video, that was uploaded less than a month ago, boasts almost 2 million views to date).


In 2008, Samantha Chapman, previously a make-up artist, sat in front of her webcam, ‘bored one day’ and decided to start filming make-up tutorials online. Her sister, Nicola, then joined her in the venture and together they produced the channel (and now brand name) ‘Pixiwoo’. Aside from their YouTube channel creating a sizable stream of income, they also have their own range of cosmetic brushes and worked with some big names within the fashion and celebrity industry, whilst also running a five-day make-up course from their studio in Norwich.

These are just a mere few of the hugely successful Bloggers/Vloggers/YouTubers/Influencers, whatever you want to call them! Below are some of the rest that are extremely powerful in their own right.

Samantha Maria

Subscribers: 1.8M

Views: 151M

Formerly known as ‘beautycrush’, this influencer began creating fashion, styling and make-up videos and now, with her boyfriend, run a sell-out fashion label ‘Novem & Knight’ and still earn off creating personal and sponsored videos.

Patricia Bright

Subscribers: 955k

Views: 84M

Previously working in finance, Patricia now runs a hair extension brand alongside her blogging as well as being a brand ambassador for Loreal.

Tanya Burr

Subscribers: 3.6M

Views: 311M

Alongside Zoella, she has been a ‘cover girl’ for one of the best selling glossy magazines in the UK and has a sell-out make up range in Superdrug.

In The Frow

Subscribers: 522k

Views: 28M

‘Inthefrow’ is a brand created by Victoria, a writer, photographer and editor. She is now an ambassador for Loreal alongside Patricia Bright whilst running a successful written blog and online YouTube videos. Known as a ‘lifestyle’ blogger, she talks about high-end fashion, make-up, food and travel.


What does this mean for you?

The above are some of the most sought after names within the online industry – and outside. So making this work for you and your business could really prove difficult. However, we are just demonstrating the sheer scope of media and culture that these names possess. It is these people that are the future of advertising and how, you, as a business owner, could be able to connect with your costumer in the most efficient way.

Reaching Out

We are a big supporter of producing great quality content and videos for any business. Connecting with the blogging community now has a huge advantage in many ways. You could start your own blog, depending on what type of business you have. Creating an authentic way to connect to your target market and making that translatable through both yourself and your products could be a double win for you and your company. If you aren’t as fond of the idea of creating your own blog or you dealing with a business that is on a much more grand scale, then doing your research and reaching out to the influencers of today could seriously win you big interest from consumers you didn’t even know existed.


More often than not, some YouTubers won’t agree to advertise something that they haven’t tried or they are not passionate about. Sending out products to relevant and popular Bloggers that talk to your target audience could lead to an unsponsored ‘ad’ with them talking about your product simply because they love it. Free. Advertising. What more could you want? It could consist of paying for one of your ads to appear at the beginning of their videos (depending on the popularity of the blogger, this could be a costly affair), or even paying for a sponsored ad where you partner up and/or pay the blogger to advertise your product or service on their channel. But remember, keep it authentic, only target people you think will understand the product and love it as much as you do!

Happy to help!

Want to create your own professional video or learn more on other great marketing ideas? Please contact us today! We look forward to helping you get the most out of your business.

Best Viral Ad Campaigns of All Time

How the Admen get your money

Have you ever wondered how businesses create ad campaigns that become viral? Or more to the point, how they BECOME viral. Well, unfortunately, there isn’t much science to it, although many of the viral campaigns tend to have one thing in common – a good old case of the feels. Often it is the poignant, silly or downright outrageous campaigns that take over our social media feeds in a matter of hours. It is also often the best one’s that have people thinking about, talking about and/or humming along too (you can’t deny that you have never had Phil Collins ‘In the Air Tonight’ stuck in your head for months after Cadbury’s ‘Gorilla’ ad campaign). Getting your brand out there and raising awareness via social media is becoming increasingly more difficult with the excessive amount of content being shared every second of the day. So, we hope to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing by compiling a list of, what we think are, the 10 best ad campaign of all time.

 1. Dairy Milk (gorilla & eyebrows)

YouTube View Count to Date ‘Eyebrows’: 1.5m 

Cadbury Eyebrows

YouTube View Count to Date ‘Gorilla’: 8.5m

Gorilla Cadbury

If it is one thing Cadbury has managed to achieve, it is a string of super successful (and creative) ad campaigns. Their aim? To create adverts that would spark both conversation and reaction. Using nostalgia as a tool to engage the older consumers and an utterly silly concept to connect with their younger viewers. Simply genius.

2. Old Spice

YouTube View Count to Date: 53m

Old Spice

The genius for the Old Spice advert that famously declared “I’m on a horse” lies with the fact that they filmed the whole advert in one take! They cunningly recorded this advert in one take by simply moving backdrops, and using a very well rehearsed horse, of course. The ability to offer a product to the male consumer whilst also appealing to their female counter parts with the tag line “This is what your man could smell like” is sheer brilliance.

3. Think! Don’t Drink and Drive

YouTube View Count to Date: 119k

Think Don't Drink and Drive Image

This ad campaign may have only had 119k views on YouTube to date, but that does not reflect the impact that this particular advert, and other similar to it, have had. It seems that the most effective road safety adverts are those that communicate with the viewer in the most simple, real and, sometimes, shocking way. This advert in particular focuses less on the graphicness of how damaging drinking and driving can be and instead emphasizes the impact that drink driving can have on your life. It shows a man behind the bar responding to a customer, who is about to buy a drink, with a series of consequences of drink-driving. This includes a driving ban, which leads to job loss, which can lead to jail time and not being able to support your family. Powerful stuff.

4. Dove Evolution

YouTube View Count to Date: 18.7m

Dove Evolution Image

Dove have been ambassadors for ‘Real Women’ for a long time, so their long standing campaign stays true to its ethos and uses women of all shapes, sizes and colour to represent their brand in each of their adverts. Their campaign aims to not only support women’s bodies, but also celebrate them. This brand connects with their target audience by showing the viewer that most ad campaigns that promote beauty and skin care products use technology to achieve an unattainable and unrealistic standard of what we believe, as a society, is deemed as ‘beautiful’. Using this method ultimately aims to gain trust from the viewers and ‘expose’ other skin care and beauty companies.

5. Three #DancePonyDance

YouTube View Count to Date: 12.5m

Dance Pony Dance Image

Using a similar method to the Cadbury campaign, mobile company, Three, intend on engaging their viewers with an advert that supplies a catchy song and an utterly ridiculous concept of a pony moonwalking. Three also tap into the need to connect through social media platforms by adding the hashtag #DancePonyDance. The result of this hashtag is a way to spark conversation over social media that advertise their product whilst making people laugh and not take it too seriously. Ultimately, this leads to the video being shared through various online platforms multiple amounts of times and sparking interest in the product itself.

6. Evian Baby and Me

YouTube View Count to Date: 130m

Evian Baby and Me Image

I don’t know about you, but I know many adults who dreams of a simpler time. A time where we didn’t pay bills; a time where we could pull silly faces and dance in public and no one would bat an eyelid; A time where we could let loose and be ourselves. That time for many people is their childhood. This is probably why this advert has had a whopping 130 million views, because we simply can’t get enough of how relatable it is. A bunch of adults walking past a large mirror through a busy street and spot there reflections, but their reflections being their former self as a baby. They start to dance and make silly faces and it is the connection with their childhood. The tagline ‘Pure and Natural’ that Evian hope to show us that being our young and unassuming self is not a bad thing. Quite the opposite.

7. Carrie coffee shop

YouTube View Count to Date: 66.4m

Carrie Telekentic Coffee Shop Image

In recent years, hidden camera pranks have become one of the most likely to go viral videos on the Internet. It gathers viewers due to its intrigue of its outcome and desire to know why the prank has been carried out. Whether it is a friend pranking an old friend, a stranger making someone in their path jump or a guerilla ad campaign, we love to see people shocked. This ad campaign doesn’t reveal its true agenda until the end of the set of pranks to reveal it was, in fact, an advert for the upcoming cinematic horror remake of ‘Carrie’. The original was a 70’s classic that was being remade for the likes of us 21st century folks, so they had to catch our attention some how. Using a group of actors in a seemingly normal setting of a coffee shop to trick the unassuming public that someone amongst them had telekinetic powers that can throw another human being across the room is was had us hooked and watching right through to the end.

8. Always #likeagirl

YouTube View Count to Date: 62.2m


Always have used an ad campaign that touches on the strength of women and how, no matter what their bodies are going through, they should never be underestimated. They asked a group of young boys and older girls how they would do certain things as ‘a girl’, such as ‘run like a girl’ and ‘throw like a girl’. They all responded with meek and flimsy actions. Then they asked a series of young girls, that are seemingly unaware of the certain pressures put on them as a female, the exact same questions. The result? They acted out the same actions just as strong and fast as the boys when asked to carry out the same actions. They aim to show that women are conditioned into thinking they aren’t as physically capable as men and illustrate that this is not the case, especially when using their product.

9. John Lewis Christmas Ads

YouTube View Count to Date: <50m

John Lewis Christmas Advert Image

Ah, The John Lewis Christmas Advert. It is one we wait for, as a nation, all year long. We don’t expect anything less than a good old tug of the heart-strings and an emotional song to boot. Each year they do not fail to disappoint, from a little boy befriending a penguin, to snow people falling in love, it uses a little bit of magic with the theme of love to show us that John Lewis are the people to go to in order to get your loved ones the best at Christmas time. And don’t we all know it.

10. O2 ‘Be More Dog’

YouTube View Count to Date: 181k

Be More Dog O2

What is more adorable than a fluffy fat cat wearing a headset, telling a room of people that they can be whoever they want to be, even if they feel like they are a completely different species? Nothing! That is why we have come together to enjoy this advert in all its glory. O2 have managed to capture motivation using the most lethal weapon possible to advertise their product. This genius move shows us that you don’t have to live your life with tedious routine, but in fact you can take enjoyment from every day activities like running and jumping (and catching sticks). Of course this is a metaphor for inspiration to grab life by the… Well, you know what we’re trying to say. Either way, we love this little fur ball and everything he represents.

As you can see, each advert is incredibly different and creative, yet each one of them has the ability to capture our hearts’ and minds in many different ways, and we love them for it. If this has simply not provided you with enough inspiration for your next video marketing venture, then our experts at Stormnet Media would love to help you.


Simple Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your New Website

Whether it’s the interview of your dreams or the date of your dreams, here at Stormnet Media,  we believe that first impressions are crucial. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have that first step polished. Whether it is your new website or you are launching a new app, it is important to make sure that it is not only ready to impress your consumers, but it is finished and launched with a cherry on top. It is that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ that takes a mediocre pop record to a legendary hit, so with that in mind, we have put together some simple tips that will take your website from ‘one-hit-wonder’ to ‘hall-of-fame’ chart topper!

Content, content, content!

No article on our website would be complete without discussing our favourite topic, and that is… Content! We love content. However, it is no good just thinking about the initial launch and beginning processes. Even if you have the most incredible content to launch with your new site and you have your target audience hooked, it would not maintain its credibility if it was not nurtured and developed. This means making sure that you have enough ideas for new content as possible, in order to keep your consumers updated as consistently as possible. If you upload new videos, blogs or images to your website every Wednesday, stay committed. It is important that your audience sees you are passionate about growing your business by keeping them informed, and will make customers more likely to want to come back to your site or app in order to check out the new content.


Before you can upload the wonderful content that you have waiting and ready to go, make sure that you have thoroughly done your research. Searching the latest trends on social media, website forums relating to your business or similar topics and keeping track of changes within your business world with email alerts will help to consistently develop your business. Keeping up to date with the latest news and social goings on surrounding the business that you are trying to launch will open your eyes to both the competition and help you to judge better on predicting what might be the next step forward for your business. It depends what type of new business you are launching, but sometimes it is even worth asking, what the savvy social world call ‘social influencers’. These are the people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that are known for having the most followers, simply for tapping into niche markets and turning them into trends. In the creative industries, such as fashion and music, it can be a massive leap in popularity and drive for your website if associated with these online forces.

Bold, Bright and Social

In world where now communicate through text, video and imagery, whether it is for business or pleasure, you would be correct in thinking that it is an important part of the western culture. No matter what business you are, it would be silly not to keep your website or app updated with new images and videos to catch the consumers interest. Keeping the multimedia content on your site user friendly is super important; it is simple things such as keeping the images on your website ‘pinterest-friendly’ to encourage your potential customers to do a little bit of advertising for you by ‘re-pinning’ your most recent images. It may not have to be an image either, if your company is a lot more keen on spreading a message, then attaching ‘memes’ to your site with ideas such as inspirational quotes or interesting info graph’s that link back to your website, will drive in more and more people. However, be sure to keep video content short and sweet. With the culture of social media, it is that instant gratification that people are now used too, videos on Instagram and Vine are often between 6-15 seconds long! Yet, it is these short videos that seem to go viral on the web within minutes of them being posted online.

Stay Interactive

As we have mentioned earlier on in this article, keeping your content updated is important, in order to show customers that you are developing as a business in order to tailor to their needs. This is also true with looking at, discussing and changing with feedback. There is nothing worse than feeling as though a business you have recently bought into has, not only not lived up to the customer’s expectations, but then also, not taking on their feedback positively or even at all. As long as it is appropriate for the style of business that you are creating and ensuring that you have the man power for it, it may be worth taking advantage of all the fantastic platforms within your reach in order to get in touch with your customers. People like to know that their voice is being heard, so being able to assist people and further their experience with your company, it may lead to free advertising in the form of ‘Word of Mouth’ from your most loyal customers.


Many people shy away from the, often mammoth, task of making sure that you have effective and working links to and from your website. Your site should be SEO friendly in order to optimize the amount of traffic that you could potentially be driving to your site, should you be doing it correctly. As long as you have both on-line and off-line link backs to your website with titles that incorporate the most popular search terms relating to your site, then the more people you will be attracting and help you to climb the rankings on search engines such as Google. Be careful with your link backs and ensure that the sites that are linking your audience to you website are reputable and trusted sites, because as we said, first impressions count, therefore, people won’t want to click on your site if you are linked to a dodgy or untrusted site. Simple things such as using relevant terms and phrases attached to the images on your site; using key words in the titles and headers on your page or simply creating shareable content that is of high quality using key words and interesting headings will ensure the click-count becomes higher.

There are many more things that we would love to advise you on, so if you would like more information on how to maximize the potential of your website or app then please don’t hesitate to contact us!


How Video Changed Our Lives Forever

It’s the decade everybody pretends they want to forget, but if you grew up in the 80s, it’s the one that brings the fondest memories. It was the decade that brought us big hair, The Goonies, Hypercolor t-shirts and Pacman, and it was the decade where video entered into our lives in a big way.

Bringing a video recorder home to the family for the first time was a moment of great trepidation. This brand new piece of shiny equipment was all the rage apparently and it could make time stand still. Oh how we rejoiced when we could watch Hannibal con BA into drinking the milk over and over again. And what would life have been like if we didn’t have to sit frantically adjusting the tracking just as JR Ewing was shot by an unknown assailant. {{{SPOILER ALERT}}} It was Kristin Shepherd, Sue Ellen’s sister.

Do You Remember Your First Time?

Can you remember the very first video you watched at home?  A quick straw poll around the Stormnet Media office revealed some all time greats and some very red faces! ‘The Breakfast Club‘, ‘Firestarter‘ (starring a very young Drew Barrymore), ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘The Care Bears Movie‘ were just some of the confessions from our team. 

Owning a video recorder also gave us access to an exclusive new club – the local video shop. Armed with our own personal luxuriously laminated card we could choose from hundreds of films, TV shows and pop videos.  Okay, so you needed a small wheelbarrow to get them home, but for just one night, or the entire weekend if you were feeling flush, they were ours!

Play It Again Sam…And Again…And Again

One of the best things about owning a video recorder is that we could record and watch our favourite TV shows and pop videos to our heart’s content. Where once we would sit in our bedrooms recording the Top 40 and frantically hitting the pause button before the DJ’s voice ruined our compilation, we could now capture everything for posterity on videotape.  Well, until the tape got chewed up or wore out anyway!

The Ads That Shaped Our Childhoods And Our Futures

Of course, one of the downsides of recording TV programmes on video was that the ads came along for the ride too. If the ads were great, it wasn’t usually a problem but there were some truly annoying ads that would have us reaching for the remote control quicker than you could say “Agadoo”.

The video revolution was a great time for advertising firms. They knew that the majority of people would sit through the ads and in those people they had a captive audience and got double the exposure (or more) for the price of one time slot. TV ads started to become slicker, longer, told stories and were talked about the next day in the playground, on the train to work and around the dinner table.

Who can forget this gem from Toshiba? We challenge you not to be singing this long after you’ve finished this article.

The Secret Of A Good TV Ad Or Video – Make It Count And Make It Memorable

At Stormnet Media, we know we only have one chance to grab the audience’s attention. That’s why we put our all into making every video we produce count. Every second, every frame and every word is carefully constructed to get deep in the mind of the viewer and to stay there long after.

Old Spice have got it just right with their latest video.

It’s got clear branding, it’s got humour and it’s got sharability – nope, that word isn’t in the dictionary but it’s a very important aspect of video production. We want your video to be liked, shared, pinned and retweeted and most importantly, we want your video to do great things for your business or organisation.

Be The Next Big Thing In Video – Speak To Us Today About Our Video Production Services

Whether you need an explainer video to explain your product or business in style or you are looking for a slick world class corporate video that will ensure you stand head and shoulders above the best, our video production team is standing by to assist. Call us now on 01527 910050 or use our contact form to get in touch. We’ve worked with some big names and some little ones too, but the result is always the same – a unique and powerful video that ensures you are remembered for all the right reasons.

Written By: Ian Stainton

Ian Stainton is the CEO and Founder of Stormnet Media Ltd, an award winning video production and digital media agency based near Birmingham in the UK. He is trusted by global brands, SMEs and start-ups to help them engage and interact with their customers  – ultimately selling more stuff. You can check him out on Google+

How Video Will Grow Your Business

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Grow your business with a persuasive video…

Video marketing has been one of the most important internet trends of the last few years. For a cynic, it would be easy to dismiss it as just another fad. It isn’t, though — new methods of video production and hosting have changed the face of marketing, putting powerful tools within reach of independents and small businesses. Video marketing can take the form of viral videos to be shared on social medial platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, explainer videos hosted on your business’s own webpage, or components of other marketing initiatives such as Kickstarter campaigns.

Video marketing can make a huge difference in getting your message out to potential customers, but it’s most effective if it’s done wisely. Like any form of marketing, video marketing is fundamentally about storytelling, and good storytelling has several important characteristics.

First, a good marketing video won’t take any longer than necessary to make its point. Studies demonstrate that videos start losing viewers as they get longer, with some dropping out as early as the 30-second mark. That doesn’t mean that a marketing video has to be short; it just can’t be any longer than it needs to be to make its point.

The basics of a clear marketing video message are simple. The video needs to begin by explaining what’s known in marketing circles as “the question” — the problem that the product intends to solve or the audience to whom it’s being marketed. Next, the video needs to demonstrate expertise. This can mean showing the creator and the product at work, or it can simply mean showing you speaking clearly and authoritatively about the subject.

Establishing authority is important, but it isn’t the only important part of creating a marketing video. To be really effective, a marketing video has to end with a “call to action” — something that spurs the viewer to take the step you want them to. This could be as simple as clicking on a link or as complicated as purchasing a product.

Second, a good marketing video has to represent the personality of the company or individual it represents. Video marketing gives you a chance to communicate directly with potential customers — to let you embody your own brand. Paradoxically, slick production values can actually interfere with your ability to communicate what it is about your product that makes you stand out.

This isn’t to say that good production values aren’t important in a marketing video. An experienced explainer video agency can make an important difference in communicating your message. In order to communicate your point, your video has to be easy to watch and understand; professional audio, lighting and camera work can make a difference here.

The real key to success is to communicate the enthusiasm and passion that drive you and inspire your product. This is the chief advantage that an explainer video has for the small company or lone businessperson; its unmediated nature lets producers speak directly to consumers.

A video that goes viral can reach thousands upon thousands of users, more than almost any other form of marketing in the same price range. Most videos, however, don’t reach such a huge audience. This doesn’t mean that they’re unsuccessful, though. By communicating a clear core message and demonstrating your commitment and energy, video can completely transform you online marketing strategy — which, in today’s world, means completely transforming your business.

Here at Stormnet Media we produce videos that work. There’s no guesswork, just clear thinking and a passion to make your video work. For a no obligation quote please contact us on 01527 910050.

How to Make Your Web Visitors Watch All Your Video

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Engage with your web audience for maximum clicks…

If you’ve decided to take your first steps into web video marketing, you may be spending a lot of time thinking about how to make people click on your videos. While it’s definitely important to get people to watch your marketing video, it’s equally important to make sure that they watch it all the way through. Even videos that are successful at attracting viewers may not necessarily be successful at retaining them. Here are a few reasons why:


It may sound surprising, but studies show that videos begin to lose viewers as early as the 30-second mark. At over a minute, a significant number of viewers will have simply stopped watching. You won’t be able to retain all every viewer, no matter how interesting you make your video, but these figures do serve as a reminder that marketing videos need to be brief in order to be genuinely effective.


The best way to get people to stick around through the length of a video is to make sure that they know enough about the payoff that’s coming at the end to know that it’s something they’re interested in. If you start your video with a question, make sure that your audience knows that you have the answer and you’re going to share it with them. If you’re explaining a process, make sure that even before the first step your audience knows where you’re going.


Some successful marketing videos have a rambling, conversational tone, and you might think that it’s a good idea to imitate this. It’s certainly true that the personal touch is one of the big advantages of video marketing, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend your video wandering around the point. You can get away with this kind of thing once you already have an established brand, but if you’re just “meeting” your customers for the first time, you want to make sure that they know you’re not going to waste their time.


In a world where hundreds of videos are competing for your viewers’ attention, you can’t afford to create a video that lacks commitment. Production values are good, but the beauty of internet marketing video is that it’s available to people who don’t have the budget to hire a website video production company for every aspect of the job. But no matter what your budget, if your video suggests, even for a second, that you aren’t enthusiastic about your product, viewers will pick up on it — and if you’re not convinced, why should they be?


That said, production values do make a difference. A well-shot video is easier to watch and easier to understand. Making sure that your set is well-lit and that your microphone records clear, natural-sounding audio can help you get your message across. Viewers aren’t necessarily looking for Hollywood production, but they won’t keep watching a video that makes them work hard just to see what’s happening or understand what’s being said.


The boom in video marketing has been a huge help to small businesses, but it has downsides as well. One of these is widespread competition. Another clever marketing gimmick isn’t enough to stick in the typical viewer’s mind any more. Your video, more than anything else, has to demonstrate what it is about your business that is unique, whether it’s your product, your methods or simply your personality. Even before you start production, it’s vital to sit down and identify this point, because you’re going to want to start hammering it home from the first second of your first video.

If you’d like an engaging and effective video production then we’d love to help. Contact us for a free no obligation quotation today on 01527 910050

Basics of video marketing

How to take advantage of video marketing

The proliferation of affordable high-quality digital cameras, either separately or as part of smartphones, laptops or tablets, has made video marketing, once reserved for large companies, affordable to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. For those just entering the world of video production, however, it can seem difficult to know where to begin. What does a good marketing video need, and how should it be organised and distributed?

One classic model of a successful marketing video divides the video into three stages. The first, and perhaps the most important, is the question. A video can’t simply exist in a vacuum. Potential customers have to have a reason to search for it and click on it. Short of hitting on some viral marketing masterpiece, the simplest way to do this is to ask a question people are likely to want to know the answer to.

One way to find out the questions people are asking is simply to talk to the intended audience: questions could be solicited through a blog, through discussions with existing customers or in conversation at trade shows or other events. However, it’s also possible to use tools provided by Google to identify common searches. By looking for searches within their areas of expertise, would-be video marketers can identify subject likely to appeal to viewers.

The topic of the video, then, should address how to perform a certain task or solve a certain problem. The next step is to answer the question. This part of the video has to fulfil two goals: not only does it have to answer the question in a way that’s helpful for the viewer, it has to do so in a way that demonstrates the creator’s expertise in the subject. By creating value for the viewer, the video begins to build a community in which both business and customer are participants.

The last part of any successful marketing video is known as the call to action. The call to action links the video to some further action on the part of the potential customer. This may be purchasing a product, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be as simple as getting the viewer to visit the advertiser’s website, follow the creator on social media or watch more videos. Relationship building can be a slow process, but it can also be more valuable than any single sale.

The call to action should be the very last part of the video. It often takes the form of a link to the creator’s website, promising more of the fun and helpful content that the viewer has just enjoyed.

Although these three key points form the basis of any successful marketing video, many first-time video creators worry about production values. However, while steady camera work, clear lighting and persuasive delivery are all important, they are not as vital to the success of a video as many people seem to believe. The personality of the creator and the directness and intimacy of a video can go a long way toward offsetting any technical problems with the video. It’s important that the creator demonstrate expertise in his or her field, not expertise at creating marketing videos. Technical proficiency will come with experience.

Once these three basic building blocks of video marketing are understood, creators can begin to add the personal touches that make for distinctive and memorable videos. The question, the answer and the call to action aren’t the only things that go into a successful video, but they are the basics without which a marketing video can struggle to find and successfully engage an audience.

Here at Stormnet Media we specialise in helping businesses take advantage of video marketing. If you’d like to boost business leads and revenue then please contact us today on 01527 910050 or use our contact form.