Health and Safety Videos

Effective and memorable Health and Safety videos for businesses of all sizes

In a society that’s become perhaps more health and safety conscious than ever before, creating training and informational resources for employees is integral to any business that employs a significant number of people.

So when the time comes for you to update or create new health and safety materials, you’ll certainly be wondering what the most cost-effective way to educate your staff is. (See samples below)

Staff induction
Contractor and visitor safety
Manual handling
Fire safety
Home and lone working
Office safety
and lots more…

Why are health and safety videos so effective?

We’re all used to being surrounded by film and video productions. With a TV screen in every home, and a computer screen in every home and office, you’re bombarded with audio-visual content to such an extent that you’ve probably lost sight of just how engaging the moving image really is.

To give it some context, consider this surprising statistic: employees viewing health and safety videos will retain twice as much information as an employee reading a leaflet or other print media.

So while the production costs may seem higher at first glance, video gives you much more bang for your buck. And, you’ll be able to significantly decrease employee training time – which means increased productivity.

Trusted by big-name brands and SMEs alike

If you’re looking for an established, reputable and approachable studio to produce a health and safety videos for your business, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, here at Stormnet, we’ve anticipated your needs for complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

With a long list of satisfied clients such as Motorola, Pepsi and The Post Office to name just a few, we deliver consistent results for every project, and never take our focus off your business objectives.

“These guys are the best in the business. The videos they produced along with e-learning platform have saved a fortune in training costs.” - Kevin Simpson, H&S Training Manager, Britvic Plc

Add to that our stable of top design and production talent, our jargon-free communication policy and our results-driven work ethic, and you can see why we’re the studio of choice for any business serious about getting effective health and safety videos.

To find out more or to ask for a no-obligation quote, call our friendly team today on 01527 280 100, or visit our contact page to email us – we love to help