Explainer Videos

Boost sales and revenue with an explainer video production!

Explainer videos are designed to explain your business in under two minutes. They are perfect for making complex things more simple and typically we use animation to help you sell more stuff, educate your audience or simply explain a concept.

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What’s more studies have shown that explainer videos get messages across faster and more effectively than traditional methods. We’ve helped lots of business just like you sell their value proposition effectively. This is everyone from start-ups and SMEs through to global brands.

“Sales conversions on our website has increased by 140% since adding the video – incredible.” Alan Davies – Head of Sales, Mobile Signal Booster

In a nutshell, you can think of explainer videos as the ultimate elevator pitch. They are fantastic at catching a viewer’s attention, they increase website conversion rates, decrease bounce rates and are indexed by Google very quickly.

More info retained

From studies done by the Wharton Research Centre in the USA a person only remembers ten percent of what they hear verbally. However, if you then add in video the retention rates jumps to a massive 55%. In addition, if you add in the fact that according to ‘Forbes’ that almost 70% of people will view a video instead of reading text on a webpage then you have a pretty compelling reason why explainer videos are so effective.

Viral effect

One of the most powerful add on features is that many of our explainer videos ‘go viral’ People are 82% more likely to pass on a video about a business rather than a conversational account. Explainer videos are shared, linked and blogged about – giving you increased reach and exposure.

Boring not allowed!

Explainer videos are definitely NOT boring! Whilst many people will be polite and sit through a verbal or PowerPoint ‘pitch’ (while thinking about what they are going to do at the weekend) an explainer video will grab their attention and deliver your proposition in under two minutes – and convert them into a customer.

We use animation, voice over and sound effects to make you stand out. Check out the explainer video process – it’s fast, headache free and easy.

Let the customer buy

Listening to a pitch can be uncomfortable – this is because you are being forced to listen. However, if the potential customer can check out the pitch in their own time they think they are in control and don’t feel that they are being sold to! This is one of the best secret weapons that big businesses are using to influence buyers. The good news is that you can too – and you can do it consistently with an explainer video. Our clients include many small-to-medium-sized businesses.

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