Motion Graphics

Simply stunning motion graphics sequences for film, TV, online and corporate

Now that the technical revolution has made the tools of our trade affordable to all, it’s more important than ever to find the animation studio that offers the best combination of talent and project-management to deliver a finished product that delivers the results you need.

With a wealth of cinematic and commercial experience behind us, and some heavyweight design talent, we’re perfectly-placed to deliver motion graphics sequences of stunning quality – at a price that’s surprisingly good value for money.

Whether you have a strong visual idea of how your CGI sequence should look, or whether you’re looking for full artistic and creative input, we combine the best of technical and creative know-how to achieve results that consistently exceed client expectations.

What makes Stormnet different?

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Stormnet on motion graphics and CGI:

Jargon-free communication – we love to geek-out over all the technology in our studio as much as the next outfit, but when it comes to client communication, we speak plain English
Multi-discipline collaboration – we draw from an extensive pool of talent including producers, animators, agencies and our clients to produce work of the highest quality
Results-focused workflow – although we’re rightfully proud of the work we do, we’re not precious over it. We’re focused on achieving your goals, so we never get carried away

And because consistent quality is so important to us, we treat every job with the same care and attention regardless of scope or budget.

Trusted by well-known brands and SMEs alike

Although we feel a real sense of achievement when our work is recognised by the industry (we’ve won several awards) we’re never complacent. We understand that we’re only as good as our last production, so we always strive to improve in everything we do.

And we’re regularly trusted by start-ups and SMEs and well-known brands such as Motorola, Black & Decker and Pepsi to deliver on target, on budget and on time.

So if you’d like to work with an animation company that’s not only among the best in its field, but one that retains a high level of client loyalty and a consistent, high standard of work, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your project.

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