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New Year, New strategies using Video Marketing!

Get the results you need with video.

A new year requires a new attitude towards your business. Keeping your team motivated and positive after the festive season can be hard, but being sure to keep up the spirits will mean more creative flowing ideas. When customers genuinely value your hard work, it can illustrate to potential clients or users just how passionate, friendly and innovate your team are without deviating from your main aim of business, whilst simultaneously rewarding your team by showing how much their work is valued. Here are some simple, friendly and positive video marketing tips to get you started and show your customers just how great your team, products and/or services, really are!

About ‘Us’

Problem? The section that is designed to explain to customers what you do and why you do it should be professional but passionate. If you are not passionate about what you do then no one else will! Sometimes, dealing with businesses, even small, home-run businesses, it can feel daunting to your customers and come across as ‘corporate’ and icy.

Solve it! Creating a video of you and your team together can show customers exactly who they dealing with and puts a friendly face to the name of who they’re talking to directly. If you are not the best at talking to a camera it can really show, so choosing the most passionate and enthusiastic person on your team to talk ‘about’ your company concisely can really boost customer attitudes towards your brand.

FAQ’s with a Difference!

Problem? If your business requires a customer service team who answer questions about your service or product then they probably come across a lot of similar questions and often writing them down in an FAQ page can sound awfully robotic and non-sympathetic to possibly frustrated customers.

Solve it! Making a fun FAQ page may sound like an oxymoron, but we assure you, its not! Taking your top 10 frequently asked questions and using (possibly the same enthusiastic employee you used for your ‘About Us’ page) to create a short video describing the solution to each question shows the customer you have taken time to look at their problems and think carefully about how to answer it.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Problem? Often these days, newsletters and emails get overlooked or even sent straight to the ‘Junk’ section.

Solve it! To avoid your customers skimming through your fantastic deals, latest offers or news, try sending a more personal message using a video with an eye-catching thumbnail about your product. Adding spirit, enthusiasm and creativity into your videos will catch anyone’s eye! It’s far more appealing than reading through emails… 

Get Everyone Involved!

Problem? Each business, large or small, have their own way of recruiting new people to their team, however, it generally consists with an online application followed by an interview. This traditional hiring method has its downfalls; it is rigid and more often than not, the application’s can seem very similar to one another.

Solved! Get your future employees involved by getting them used to your innovative business methods. Try getting the applicants to submit a one minute answer video with possible ice breakers such as; ‘Tell us 3 things you have achieved in your life time that your most proud of and why’ or ‘You have been given a selection of products (possibly name 3 mundane items). You have 1 minute to select one and sell it’. Many companies have used this method of video recruitment in order to catch a glimpse of whom they’re hiring before inviting them to a face-to-face interview. It’s an effective way to cut down on valuable time for interviews by selecting the right people for your business. It also gives the applicants incentive to use their initiative, be creative and be innovative in order to get the job!

Review’s That Stand Out

Problem? You’ve had some great feedback from your customers but often they only leave you with a short quote about your performance and/or the ‘feedback’ email often gets ignored.

Solved! Give your customers an incentive to come back to your company in the future by offering them exclusive deals to use in return for a short video testimonial. Whether this can be done by a member of your team as an ‘in-store’ recording or a link online that the customer can submit a video straight from their phone/laptop, it can be an effective and thoughtful way to show future customers that you care about the people you serve.  It gives customers an idea of how your company rates by the enthusiasm shown by your current customers and increase conversion rate. Often reading testimonials doesn’t convey the sincere passion that your existing customers may feel towards your services as well as their voice and body language.

Want to get started, but need a little help? Look no further! Contact one of our team for expert advice on your video marketing ideas and how to create effective marketing videos.