People hate jargon

People hate jargon – Keep it simple with an explainer video

Helicopter view, heads up, ducks in a row, blue sky thinking…. Blah blah blah blah blah. Jargon, it’s annoying. VERY annoying. The only other thing that’s more annoying is when someone uses an acronym and expects you to know what they mean! Arrrrghhhhhh 🙁

This jargon amongst others have recently made Forbes list of ‘The most pretentious, annoying and useless business jargon’. OK, we’ve all used it – it gets stuck in your head and out it pops. Our colleagues use it and hey presto we follow.

You may be thinking OK, what’s the big deal – surely a smattering of business jargon makes you look like a pro. And yes, in some circumstances it MAY be acceptable but for the most part people are put off by jargon and buzz words. Especially when you are pitching for business. The truth is that jargon often alienates your audience, however it’s used.

People tend to think that meaningless ‘big words’ and jargon is the domain of untrustworthy politicians. You certainly don’t want to give that impression. When pitching you need to build trust and engage in an easy to follow format.

This is where explainer videos come in. Explainer videos are short videos (typically 60s to 90s long) that grab a viewer’s attention and get your sales proposition over in a short space of time. They are compelling, persuasive and they work. In fact, in a recent survey 85% of people would buy a product or service if accompanied by a video.

They turn your leads into sales. And they work. Period. The great news is they are a jargon free zone.

If you’d like to get your online sales moving then get an explainer video. We guarantee you’ll see as difference in your website conversion rates. Contact your friendly experts today on 01527 910050 – we’d love to hear from you.