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Digital Media Company Birmingham – Video, Animation and Web

Success for small businesses starts here

The internet provides a level playing field whether you’re a large corporation or small business. So don’t think you can’t compete if you’re an SME! We provide affordable web design solutions that can increase profits and put you on the road to success.

Our web applications redefine success for our clients. If your website is not performing then we can help by getting you results in the search engines and providing a useful tool that delivers bottom line profit

Rich experiences make a difference

We’ve all see the tired PowerPoint style presentations where customers ‘switch off’. Why settle for this when we can create rich experiences for your audience – engaging them and providing you with a memorable message.

At Stormnet we provide digital media solutions in a digital age. Everybody wants information instantly and we can deliver your information to your audience on demand giving you the competitive advantage

We deliver powerful and engaging interactive experiences that are full of rich content, live video, animation and graphics to audiences across the globe. We make the difference between an OK presentation and one that gets results.

Hollywood quality – SME budgets

Many organisations still believe that ‘Hollywood’ style computer graphics command ‘Hollywood’ budgets – Think again! We provide many companies with powerful 3D visualisations of products, applications and buildings for less.

Professional production

Having a professional video produced is no longer the domain of ‘big business’. We help hundreds of companies compete successfully for new work by providing them with an enhanced image through a high quality, broadcast standard video.

Health and safety for all

Delivering consistent and effective H&S training is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. At Stormnet we produce H&S induction and training DVD’s that provide real business benefits.

Save time and money with effective training

If you are not training your staff or customers correctly then the hidden costs can be huge. Our training solutions are used to make a real difference to profit, we can provide effective training via DVD, CD or the web on H&S, user guides, customer service and sales.

CGI for clarity

Computer Graphic Images (CGI) is a highly effective way of training. We have used this successfully to demonstrate the workings of many devices and products, especially where it is physically impossible to show in reality.

Our 3D modelling and animation solutions deliver spectacular results. These include fly-throughs of buildings, product demonstration and animated sequences that give you the edge

Medical and healthcare

We have helped a number of high profile healthcare organisations deliver product training resources in areas that are highly emotional and sensitive. Our production team deals with these issues in a caring and sympathetic way to ensure that the key messages are highlighted.

Affordable E-Learning solutions

E-Learning is the most effective way to train your staff and provide a full audit trail and record of training. We provide affordable e-learning solutions that include self test quizzes, live action video and animation.

Don’t lose that sale!

We’ve all seen it… the sales person who does not understand the product they are selling which results in customer frustration and a loss of sale. Our distance and e-learning solutions allow you to train staff on your products and services and provides you with analysis of the results so you can provide additional support where required.

Set your own standards

Our E-Learning system allows you to set the frequency of training and also set the pass rates. This means that you are not restricted by pre-defined rules and gives you flexibility in setting your own standards.

Pay as you go

We don’t believe in getting our clients to pay upfront for our e-learning system, instead we have a flexible ‘Pay as you Go’ system where you only pay for the training you use, as and when you use it.

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