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If you’ve decided to take your first steps into web video marketing, you may be spending a lot of time thinking about how to make people click on your videos. While it’s definitely important to get people to watch your marketing video, it’s equally important to make sure that they watch it all the way through. Even videos that are successful at attracting viewers may not necessarily be successful at retaining them. Here are a few reasons why:


It may sound surprising, but studies show that videos begin to lose viewers as early as the 30-second mark. At over a minute, a significant number of viewers will have simply stopped watching. You won’t be able to retain all every viewer, no matter how interesting you make your video, but these figures do serve as a reminder that marketing videos need to be brief in order to be genuinely effective.


The best way to get people to stick around through the length of a video is to make sure that they know enough about the payoff that’s coming at the end to know that it’s something they’re interested in. If you start your video with a question, make sure that your audience knows that you have the answer and you’re going to share it with them. If you’re explaining a process, make sure that even before the first step your audience knows where you’re going.


Some successful marketing videos have a rambling, conversational tone, and you might think that it’s a good idea to imitate this. It’s certainly true that the personal touch is one of the big advantages of video marketing, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend your video wandering around the point. You can get away with this kind of thing once you already have an established brand, but if you’re just “meeting” your customers for the first time, you want to make sure that they know you’re not going to waste their time.


In a world where hundreds of videos are competing for your viewers’ attention, you can’t afford to create a video that lacks commitment. Production values are good, but the beauty of internet marketing video is that it’s available to people who don’t have the budget to hire a website video production company for every aspect of the job. But no matter what your budget, if your video suggests, even for a second, that you aren’t enthusiastic about your product, viewers will pick up on it — and if you’re not convinced, why should they be?


That said, production values do make a difference. A well-shot video is easier to watch and easier to understand. Making sure that your set is well-lit and that your microphone records clear, natural-sounding audio can help you get your message across. Viewers aren’t necessarily looking for Hollywood production, but they won’t keep watching a video that makes them work hard just to see what’s happening or understand what’s being said.


The boom in video marketing has been a huge help to small businesses, but it has downsides as well. One of these is widespread competition. Another clever marketing gimmick isn’t enough to stick in the typical viewer’s mind any more. Your video, more than anything else, has to demonstrate what it is about your business that is unique, whether it’s your product, your methods or simply your personality. Even before you start production, it’s vital to sit down and identify this point, because you’re going to want to start hammering it home from the first second of your first video.

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