Corporate Video

Stunning corporate video production that bring your business to life

Corporate videos get a bad rap. The golden era of VHS has left a scar, but the digital revolution is now in full swing, along with a new set of production values and audience expectations.

We’re on a mission to bring corporate video production bang up to date.

With the majority of employees and customers never being far away from a computer or TV screen, video is becoming the communications medium of choice, and corporate literature is increasingly being overlooked as 2nd best – with good reason.

There are compelling reasons to favour video over leaflets, posters and other printed literature. Not only are people becoming more and more accustomed absorbing information via video, but research proves that video is a much more effective vehicle for almost any message compared to print.

Why is video better?

In short, because it engages more of our senses, and works harder to draw an emotional response from the viewer. A combination of sound and pictures is much more efficient in terms of how quickly information can be delivered, and research shows that people retain twice as much information from a video presentation compared to just reading text.

Not only that, but video allows you a much greater degree of control over the tone of your message, meaning your productions can be more highly targeted, and less susceptible to confusion or ambiguity.

A flexible medium for all business communication

Put simply, communication is much more effective when we can see one another. The same is true for corporate videos, and they’re suitable for a wide range of business needs. Use them for:

Capturing seminars and events – these make excellent training resources

Exhibition presentations
Health, safety and training materials
Boardroom and investor presentations
In-store promotions
And much more…

Why choose Stormnet?

When there are so many corporate video production companies out there, it can be difficult to find the right fit – unless you’re already a Stormnet customer.

We bring serious business acumen to all our creative endeavours, and never lose sight of your business goals. We’re not precious about our work, and our focus is always on you, and making your project a success.

We treat every project with the same care, attention and enthusiasm, regardless of scope or budget, and we’re proud of the results we achieve for our large roster of satisfied customers – including well-known brands such as Pepsi and Motorola through to start-ups and SMEs.

Here’s just one example of the great feedback we receive on a regular basis:

“Stormnet media have excelled themselves once again and really understood what our company needed and how to deliver a creative, intuitive, cost effective solution” – J Hanson – Telefonica (Europe)

We’re based near Birmingham in the West Midlands and work for companies and organisations like you all over the UK.

So if you’d like to work with a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team that’s completely focused on your business goals, get in touch today.

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