The Importance of Training Videos for your Business

How training videos can help your business soar

Lots of companies like you use training videos successfully. Gone are the days when the company training video featured awful actors and sets that looked like something from crossroads. Nowadays, training videos are engaging, compelling and interactive. They can be delivered in a number of ways from DVD and online through to E-learning. And the great news is that they are more affordable than ever!

Let’s look at how they’ve changed and what it means for your business.

Video is flexible

Video offers unrivalled flexibility in the way it can be delivered. It can be used on a DVD that has interactive features, as part of an e-learning platform, as a video file on a PC and online on your website or intranet. These are all very low cost ways to deliver the training to your learners.

Interactive learning

One of the most powerful features of video is the ability to make it interactive. Video can be set up to encourage the learners to interact with the video content. Typically this is when the video is played via a computer. This increases the retention rate of the learner and cements the key learning messages. This is especially useful for health and safety training videos where safety critical information needs to be retained.


Video is highly accessible and can be viewed via lots of different platforms. This includes online via PC or mobile. The beauty of this is that learners can access your training video from almost any location and it allows you to carry out training before people arrive on site.

Engaging media

Video is the most engaging way to deliver training information. Learners are 8 times more likely to retain information that’s delivered via a video. This means that your critical training information is absorbs and implemented. It also means that your training messages are consistent.

Save money

Training videos save significant amounts of money for lots of companies. They save having to hire expensive trainers or tying up company resources. They save on travel time and downtime as well as improving productivity that makes your business more competitive.

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