How to optimise your YouTube videos

5 Tips to optimise your web video on YouTube

YouTube is now the world’s second biggest search engine. This means that you can use video to help drive traffic to your website. However, many people are ‘missing a trick’ in as much as they don’t optimise their web video properly. This can mean that they miss out on valuable traffic.

OK, so how to you optimise your YouTube web video?

Optimising your web video is easier than you think. There are just a few simple steps that will help to make sure that your video is a hit.

1. Use the word ‘Video’ in your title

This sounds like an obvious one but so many people don’t do it! When people are searching for videos they tend to put the word ‘video’ in their search term. For example, instead of ‘car maintenance’ people search for ‘car maintenance video’ – so use the word video as part of your title.

 2. Put a link to your website in the description

The description you use for your video should be keyword rich and relevant to the video subject. Use a snappy description and a call to action so the viewer knows what to do next. Include a link to your website at the start of the description so that viewers have somewhere to get more info.

3. Tag your video with relevant keywords

The tags are an important part of the optimisation process, so make sure that you use relevant tags. Try to think of words that people will search for. We suggest using something like the Google keyword checker tool to see what people are actually searching for. Sometimes it’s best to go for less competitive longer keyword phrases.

4. Make your video inclusive and accessible

Using sub titles is a great way to ensure that people who have a hearing impairment can understand the content. You can get your video production company to create the video with sub titles or you can use some free software such as YouTube’s captioning system.

5. Choose a compelling thumbnail

We’ve all been in a bookstore and chosen a book based on the picture on the cover. It’s the same with online video – people will choose to play your video if the thumbnail image is compelling or interesting. So choose the thumbnail image wisely – it can make a huge difference to the amount of plays you get.

Here at Stormnet Media we use a number of different ways to distribute video content. YouTube is a important part of any video SEO strategy and a well optimised video will drive traffic and boost sales.

If you’d like help with any aspect of video production or video SEO then we’d love to help you. Give us a call on 01527 910050 and let us show you how.