How Much Does an Explainer Video Cost?

What’s the price of an explainer video?

Explainer videos are very popular. With the ever-increasing online audience buying pretty much every type of product and service via websites the explainer video has become one of the most powerful ways to convert a prospect into a sale.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a fairly new term. For the most part they are videos that explain the value proposition of a product or service. They are mostly used online on a website to accompany what they’re selling.

In terms of time then explainer videos are usually between 60s and 120s long. They often are made up from animation and have a memorable and quirky look and feel. The theory is that this makes them more memorable and popular, which in turn means that people are more likely to share them.

Sometimes an explainer video can be a briefing by say a business owner, this could be a simple person to camera video. These can be made fairly easily although if you go down this route you’ll want to make sure it looks professional!

Another popular and low cost version of the explainer video can be a screen-cast. This is where you record the screens of the software to illustrate the proposition.

OK, I understand all this but how much does an explainer video cost?

Explainer video production varies in cost. If you’re going to make one yourself then it can cost just the time to shoot and edit the video. It’s worth considering however that an explainer video can be the most powerful sales weapon you have so while a good one drives sales a bad one can put people off.

If you’re going to get a professional explainer video then find a company that’s produced lots of them. And preferably one that’s got good client feedback as to the effectiveness of the explainer videos they have produced.

Professionally produced explainer videos will vary in cost depending on the content. For example an animated ‘text’ based explainer video with some additional animated graphics start at around £600.00 – This can go up to around £3000.00 for a fully character animated explainer video.

How are explainer videos structured?

Good question – why thank you! Explainer videos are structured in a tried and tested way. They usually use a format that’s been handed down from the days of direct marketing. The rule of thumb is that you pose a problem, provide a solution, explain how it works and then give the viewer a strong ‘call-to-action’.

This technique is the most effective, and Forbes have commented that an explainer video on a website that accompanies a product or service will increase website conversion rates by around 85%. As mentioned before, this makes an explainer video the most powerful sales tool you could have.

Where can I go for an explainer video production?

There are a number of video production companies in the UK who produce explainer videos. If you’d like to commission a video then we’d love to help. We produce lots of effective explainers for businesses like you who want to boost sales and profits. We’re customer recommended and trusted by start-ups, SMEs and global brands.

We’re based near Birmingham in the West Midlands and have explainer video production facilities in Warwickshire and Worcestershire. We work for organisations all over the UK. Contact your friendly explainer video experts today – we’d love to help you.