Killer Online Video Strategy Tips

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How to get your video seen and drive more sales

If your business has any online presence at all but you haven’t embraced the potential of video marketing, you may be missing a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your products to thousands of potential new buyers. Thanks to the huge variety of video hosting services available, the ease of editing and the proliferation of inexpensive, high-quality cameras, video marketing has never been easier.

But there’s a big gap between deciding to enter the world of online video and knowing how to make the most of it. Whether you’re a beginner at video marketing or still trying to get your videos to take off and go viral, there are a few key tips you’ll need to know.

Keep It Short

Viewers interact with video marketing very differently from other types of web content. If you write a blog post or article, a reader might skim it, or read part of it, come back later and finish it. An image is usually noticed subconsciously. By contrast, a video demands the viewer’s complete attention.

However, viewers aren’t willing to give their full attention to a video for very long if it doesn’t deliver something that captivates them. Studies show that most videos begin to lose viewers at around the 30-second mark. Only a small percentage of viewers will make it all the way to the end of a two-minute video. That isn’t to say that your video needs to be less than 30 seconds long, but it does mean that you need to make sure not to waste your viewer’s time.

Stay On Target

The need for brevity means that a successful marketing video has to stick to its key point at all times. A good traditional video begins with a question — hopefully one that the viewers see as a problem they don’t have a solution too. The video promises the viewer the answer to that question. The end of the video needs to leave the viewer convinced of your expertise in your field and eager to see what your business or product are all about.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Although the question structure is a tried and tested method of video marketing, lots of successful marketing videos haven’t followed it. For instance, widespread use of Vine, an intuitive video app for smartphones, has made creating stop-motion animation easier than ever. Some of the most successful marketing Vines are simply very short animated films featuring the company’s product. In an internet saturated with explainer videos, something that showcases your personality and creativity can really stand out.

Production Values Are Important, But Not That Important

Just like a small business itself, a small business’s marketing succeeds or fails on the strength of the personal connection between the company and the consumer. Given this, audiences don’t necessarily expect to see highly-polished video production. Whether or not your video demonstrates mastery of the subject is far more important. If you have the money for it — and it can be cheaper than you think — using an online video production company can be a good idea. You’ll make your video easier to watch and easier for viewers to understand. But while good production values can help enhance a good video, they can’t do anything to save a bad one.

Mix and Match

One of the great advantages of online video is how easy it is to integrate into other types of online marketing. For example, if you’re funding a new product with Kickstarter, a video can help attract backers. Don’t be afraid to incorporate video into existing marketing like blogs of Facebook pages.

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