Convert With Video – The Most Effective Way To Engage Potential New Leads

If you’re wondering how to convert with video and whether it’s the right direction for your company, here’s an interesting statistic for you.  90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual which the brain processes 60,000X faster than textual content. As a leading video production company, we love stats like these because they further enforce what we are all about and the changes that are taking place in online marketing.

Connect With Your Audience Instantly

Whilst content is still important for providing deep information about your company and your offerings, it’s video that is going to grab your target audience by the eyeballs and take them on a visual learning journey.  What will they learn along the way?  Well, take one of our explainer videos for example.  In a mere 60 seconds, they will find a connection between the problem they are experiencing and the solution you are offering.  They will find out more about your business and they’ll find out how to get in touch with you.  And with our fun animations and quirky scripts they will probably enjoy a giggle along the way too.

Our aim is to produce a video that stays with people all day, that makes them see you as a forward thinking and accessible company and which ultimately encourages them to do business with you. You only have to look at YouTube to see how big video marketing is becoming.

Done In Sixty Seconds

Imagine sharing your sales message with your target audience in just sixty seconds. Your visitors don’t need to do anything but click play and you can even set video to play automatically the moment your page loads. And when you use the right video production company (hint hint) you can give your visitors a video that is relevant and engaging to them and which entices them to find out more about you.

Visual Content Drives Engagement

According to a study carried out by Simply Measured the introduction of Facebook timeline for business pages (that’s the Facebook feature that allows you to post video and photos to your timeline) brands started to see a 65% increase in engagement on their pages.

Visual content requires less brain power and gives you more marketing tools at your disposal.  For example, a simple video script can be brought to life using music, sound effects and a pleasant and convincing voice over. You only have to look at the typical TV advert to see how this works. Take away those elements and you are still left with a pretty good script, but it has so much more impact when it’s been brought to life with slick video production.

Market To Anybody Anywhere. It’s The Future!

Thanks to mobile technology, you can now market your business using video anywhere and on any device. Video is also much more likely to be shared with others and if you are lucky, your video might even go viral.

How To Convert With Video And Keep Converting

A good marketing video should be produced with the future in mind. It’s no good to pay for a video that is only going to be relevant for a number of months – unless you are running a time limited marketing campaign of course.  That’s why we will always aim to use a script that never goes out of date and video production techniques that will keep your audience engaged and excited about your brand for many years to come.

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