Explainer Videos – The Best Of The Best

We’re always looking at the explainer videos of others for inspiration. Here is our compilation of some of the best we have come across…and one of the worst so you can see how not to do it!

1. Chipotle – ‘Back To The Start’

We love this video and in fact it is quite unique in many ways. There is no script, there is no clear product and the story takes the viewer through a number of emotions from start to finish. There are the cute cylindrical piggies at the start (Ahhh), then there is the realisation that the piggies are off to meet their doom (Oh) and possibly a little anger and guilt about mankind’s wanton destruction of the planet.  And then Chipotle makes the world right again with their clear ethical message that makes us want to buy their products and perhaps stroke a cylindrical pig on the head. This video is simple, it’s quirky and it features a Willie Nelson Coldplay cover. What’s not to like?

2. TED Education – ‘One Is One…Or Is It?’

Explainer videos don’t have to be selling a product or promoting a service. Just take a look at this video from TED Education. Now, if you had taken the same subject matter and published it in text form, you probably would have lost a good slice of your audience. But add pictures, colour, music and animation and it’s a complete different story. Video can transform a subject and make it intriguing, memorable and engaging and TED has worked the medium perfectly here.

3. MINT – ‘The Best Free Way To Manage Your Money’

Mint is a shining example of why some services are best suited to animation rather than a live video shoot. Mint had quite a complex product to advertise and they needed to do it in such a way so that they gained the trust of their audience. After all, their product pulls information from their customers’ bank accounts. They needed a video that would show clear screenshots of the product in action and a clear message on how secure the service is. They do this perfectly by taking advantage of animation that instantly familiarises viewers with the arrangement and design of the product.  

4. The Dollar Shave Club – Live Action Explainer Video

The moment The Dollar Shaving Club’s video starts, you know you are onto something a little edgy. With the slogan “Our Blades Are F***ing Great,” you immediately realise you’re not watching an ad with a corporate message. Wacky, memorable and fun, this video was designed to appeal to 20-30-something men who would be interested in ordering a steady supply of affordable razors online. We think they have done an awesome job!

5. Poopouri – Warning! Do not watch if you are easily offended. 

When we first saw this live action explainer for a product called Poopouri we thought it was a spoof product or an April Fool’s prank. But no, just take a look at the reviews on Amazon to see for yourself that Poopouri is very much alive and kicking and doing rather jolly well for itself. It really does go to show that there is a market for anything, but that video can make those awkward or embarrassing products much easier to advertise.

So there you have it. These are just some of the ‘best of the best’ posts we will be featuring in coming months and we would love to hear from you if you have your own nominations.

Oh wait…we promised you the worst explainer video too, didn’t we? 

Well, here it is and we almost can’t bring ourselves to even share it, but it does highlight how bad an explainer video can be. Is it the jarring voice over? Could it be the amateur Powerpoint slide style animations? Or is it the drab colours or the annoying sound effects? Or is it that now and again the brand name ‘Chitrr’ sounds like something completely inappropriate that only Poopouri could deal with?  We’ll leave it to you to decide.

Stormnet Media – The Home Of Truly Great Explainer Videos

So, why didn’t we feature one of our videos in our ‘best of the best’ collection? Well, it’s not really up to us to decide, but we do know that our captivating explainer videos go on to do some amazing things for our clients. Like the videos you see before you, we take the time to understand a business, the target audience and the best way to make a connection in around 60 minutes.

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