Explainer Video Case Study – Bisbell Magnets

Bisbell Magnets have been manufacturing and supplying magnetic products and magnetic materials since 1971 and they are now one of the leading companies in their field. Their innovative products and commitment to quality were deserving of a very special explainer video.

In fact, they ordered two!

There are effectively two sides to the Bisbell product line – premium quality knife storage and their versatile range of magnetic materials. Bisbell Magnets wanted a separate video for each that would showcase their products and their many features and benefits. They also manufacture bespoke products and wanted their videos to highlight this.

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Getting To Grips With The Brief

Bisbell were really open to ideas and for there to be a fun and fresh element to their videos. Their knife storage products are diverse and range from classic designs perfect for the professional kitchen to funky neon designs that would look great in the contemporary home. Their magnet sheeting products are also the perfect solution for stores looking for a versatile advertising solution.

We love speaking to clients to get a feel for their business and what they hope to achieve with their video. It’s probably the most important part of the briefing process as it allows us to share our expertise and ideas and to get a firm idea of what the client needs.

Writing A Killer Script

It all starts with the script. The script forms the foundation of the video production process and is the first glimpse a client gets into how awesome their video will be. At this stage we work out the script for the voice over and also work out some animation ideas so the client can really get a feel for how the video will play out on screen.

Most of the time, we produce explainer videos for products or services that solve a problem. The purpose of the video is to tell viewers how their problem can be solved, and we often only have 60 seconds to do that! But when you consider that we need to hook viewers at around the 5 second mark to watch the video to the end, we often have our work cut out for us. The good news is that we have an expert creative team that have written hundreds of scripts over the years!

Getting To The Heart Of The Problem And Solving It

So, the problem for Bisbell customers was that they needed somewhere to store their expensive knives or some way of changing their advertising displays quickly and easily.

Remember, we only had 60 seconds to get the message across. Here’s how we approach most explainer videos:

  • We describe the problem.

  • We agitate the problem a little more.

  • We reveal the solution and deliver it with impact.

  • We leave the viewer with a powerful call to action that compels them to take action immediately.

We worked closely with Bisbell to understand the problems of their customers and the solutions available. They wanted a video that would present their products in a fun and enticing way that they could use on their website, in client offices and at exhibitions.

Choosing A Captivating Voice Over

The voice over stage is crucial to the sound and feel of the video so we choose the voice over artists we work with very carefully. We are quite lucky in that we have forged strong working relationships with three dynamic and professional artists who have worked for prestigious brands such as Apple, Jaguar and Hyundai.

Bisbell Magnets decided to work with Emma Thurston – an excellent choice. She’s the voice of many ads including those for Littlewoods, Hyundai and Natwest, to name a few. Getting the voice over just right is important for both the client and our animation team and it forms the wireframe that we use to build the animation sequence around.

Bringing Those Ideas To Life

Whilst every stage of the video explainer process is exciting, it’s the animation stage that really brings everything together. We start by generating the assets that will be used in the video. For Bisbell this involved creating kitchen and shop scenes, recreating animated versions of their products in the minutest detail and including the branding that would ensure their video was absolutely unique.

Bisbell magnetic knife storage and more ......   YouTube (1).png

We then develop the characters and animate them so they can interact with the background scenes we have already created. Then we add in any funky text, animated slogans and other elements that will ensure the video is totally awesome in every way.

Once we have completed the visual elements of the video, we move on to what we call the final audio pass. We add a cool soundtrack, stunning sound effects and other audio elements that really bring everything together.

Presenting The Final Cut To The Client

Bisbell Magnets were delighted with the results and after a few minor tweaks they signed off their videos and we handed full control and copyright them them. Their videos how have pride of place on the Bisbell Magnets YouTube channel and we are sure they will continue to bring in new business for many years to come.

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Written By Ian Stainton. Ian is the CEO and Founder of Stormnet Media Ltd, an award winning video production and digital media agency based near Birmingham in the UK. He is trusted by global brands, SMEs and start-ups to help them engage and interact with their customers  – ultimately selling more stuff. You can check him out on Google+