8 Tips for Stretching your Video Production Budget

How to get the maximum value out of a video production

It’s important that you maximise any investment these days. And despite video production being more affordable than ever it’s still important that you maximise your available budget.

Here are 8 great ways to make your video production budget go further.

1. Keep the filming locations to a minimum

If you have lots of filming locations then the video will take longer to produce and therefore will cost more. By simply reducing the number of locations you will reduce the cost of production. Think about the locations that are a ‘must have’ and those that are a ‘nice to have’ and decide if you can do without them. Often you can replace some live footage with ‘stock footage’ or animation – this is another way to reduce costs.

2. Minimise the distance between filming locations

As you want to maximise the amount of time the film crew are working its best to try and keep the film locations close together. This avoids them having to break down their kit and re set-up too many times. If the locations are close then it means that you’ll be making the most of the actual filming time and not be paying while the crew are packing equipment or travelling.

3. Use existing footage

If you have had videos produced previously then you may be able to re-use some of the footage. This will save you money on filming new material. As mentioned previously, you may be able to substitute some footage with graphics or animation, which again can save budget.

4. Get full sign-off

One of the most common ways that budget is wasted is when changes are needed to the voice over or video after it is completed. Most video companies have a procedure where you sign off various stages of production, such as the script. If the script is signed off and voiced and then you need to make changes the voice over will charge to make the re-recording. So make sure that you get all the necessary approvals from colleagues and stake holders as you go to avoid expensive changes.

5. Avoid date and time references

One of the ways to lengthen the shelf life of your video is to avoid references to dates, events and times. This could either be in the voice over or in interviews. Also think about the location, for example an office with Christmas decorations in the background will date the video immediately.

6. Film at your own location

Hiring studios is an expensive process so consider filming at your own premises. This also adds authenticity to your video.

7. Maximise the film crew time

On your filming days make sure that your premises are all prepared for the crew. Make sure they are tidy and that everyone knows what to expect. If you have anyone speaking then brief them beforehand. If on the day the crew have any spare time then get them to record some extra content.

8. Digital distribution

Distributing your video digitally will save budget having to have DVDs produced. It’s also the best way to get your content to the maximum amount of viewers.

If you’d like to improve training or boost sales then video is the best way to go. If you’d like any help and advice on video production then we’d love to help. Call our friendly experts today on 01527 910050