How to Make a 60s Sale with an Explainer Video

Sell your product or service with an online explainer video

The attention span of people online is very short. In fact studies have shown that it’s often less than a minute – Just think of all the times that you’ve flicked from site to site until something catches your eye.

So how do you make sure that you get your product or service noticed in a short space of time? Well the answer is an explainer video.

Explainer videos are the fastest and easiest way to show someone what you do and sell your value proposition in less than a minute. They instantly differentiate you from your competition and save the viewer from wading through lots of text. This is why the explainer video approach is being adopted by major brands as well as start-ups and SMEs.

Tried and tested format

Explainer videos generally follow the same tried-and-tested structure. That is that they first present a problem, then offer a solution, show how the solution works then provide a strong call to action.

This engages with the viewer and gives them a logical reason to buy from you. In fact, explainer videos are so effective that they can increase website conversion rates by upto 65% according to a recent study by Forbes.

Most explainer videos tend to be animated videos as opposed to live action. This is because it’s easier to get over a value proposition in an animated format. Saying this, there are sometimes cases for using live action. For example, if you want to create a video briefing that is not overtly ‘sales’ orientated then a simple live action video can do the trick. This is because they often look like a ‘short lecture’ and therefore have a more ‘believable’ feel to them.

To be sure that your explainer video will work it needs to be both remarkable and memorable. Often a sprinkling of subtle humour can help with the pitch and this can make the video more appealing and shareable. The great thing about explainers is that they are more likely to be shared on social media networks than just a dry ‘web page’.

Most of the explainer videos that we produce are around 60s in duration. It’s amazing what you can get into a video that’s just a minute long. We spend a lot of time working with customers like you to refine the message and make sure that the video does what it’s meant to… i.e. drive more sales!

We’ve covered almost every subject you can imagine, from cardboard box recycling, through to insurance products, university courses and mobile signal boosters! Each explainer video is unique and carefully crafted to ensure that it works.

The process is straight-forward and open. We consult with you at every stage of the video production process and let you see the animation as it’s created. We encourage feedback and will guide you through the production.

We’re based near Birmingham in the West Midlands and have video production facilities in Warwickshire and Worcestershire. We work with clients all over the UK and will travel to you for a no obligation meeting.

So, if you’d like an engaging explainer video production then speak to your friendly experts today!