Why You Should Market your Explainer Video on Social Media

How to get more sales for little effort!

Explainer videos are possibly the best and most effective way to increase sales on a website since the inception of online video. However, many people are missing a trick in that they’re putting their explainers on YouTube and other video platforms but not on platforms such as Facebook and Google Plus.

Social media site may not seem to be an obvious place to advertise your video or brand but with the numbers of people using these platforms increasing there is always a possibility that you may increase sales and the reach of your marketing messages – all at no extra cost to you. So you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

People share good explainer videos

Video is very engaging and is the most shared form of content on the internet and Facebook. Not only is it shared but people recommend good or funny explainer videos to their friends and so on. So you have a real possibility that your content could go viral.

Explainer video production is designed to encourage audiences to complete an action, for example contact you. And this clear and concise process significantly boosts sales… so the more people who see it the better.

Video ready

The great thing is that social media sites are all ready for video. In fact they actively encourage video content to be shared. So this gives you the perfect opportunity to exploit this medium with your video content. The physical process of uploading a video to social media sites is very easy, it’s just the same process as uploading to YouTube.

For companies that have a dedicated Facebook page they can time the release of the video over a few weeks to make sure that the content is viewed as much as possible.

Explainer video format

Explainer video production is the ideal way to deliver the message. The tried and tested format means that you can present a problem to your audience, present a solution, show them how it works then present a strong call to action. The ideal duration of an explainer video is around 60s long and they tend to be made via animation as opposed to live action.

By giving them a quirky look and feel as well as a drop of humour you can make your message remarkable and memorable. This again helps your video become popular and shared.

If you’d like any help and advice on creating an explainer video production then we’d love help. We have extensive experience in helping customers like you achieve online success and increased revenue. Speak to your friendly experts today on 01527 910050.