Video Translation

Video translation service you can rely on

The great thing about video production is that you can reach a huge global audience quickly and easily. But when you want to reach an audience that speaks a different language then it’s easy to ignore the need for your video to be translated. Do this at your peril.

Research by ‘Forbes’ has shown that videos that are localised are almost 80% more effective in turning prospects into leads. OK, it’s pretty obvious that a localised video will work better than a non-localised one – however many companies overlook this vital detail.

The great news is that video translation is now more cost effective and affordable than ever. Couple this with the fact that we can deliver professionally translated videos in just a few hours and you have a powerful tool in making sure that you stand out above your competition.

It’s vital that you engage your audience and adapt your messages to fit different cultural needs. We can provide advice and guidance on the best way to achieve this. In a nutshell we take all the headache out of getting your video translated.

Video sub titles or voice over

We can provide the localisation as sub-titles or as voice over. Each one has it’s own merits and we can work with you to advise on the best fit for your project.

All translations are completed by native speakers as are voice-overs. In addition, all video translations are proofed to make sure that they are executed accurately.

British Sign Language (BSL) Translation

We also provide BSL translation and presenters. Our sign language interpreters facilitate communication between people using British Sign Language (BSL) and people speaking English. We provide a range of video solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Local, friendly experts

Based near Birmingham in the West Midlands we have a professional and friendly team who are dedicated to making sure that your video translation is faultless. This is why we are the most customer-recommended video translation service in the region. In addition to working in and around Birmingham we provide video translation services and localisation for organisations in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and across the UK.

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