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Award winning corporate video production company Birmingham

Corporate, Marketing and Promotion

We have produced a large number of highly successful corporate videos for a wide variety of customers. During the making of these we utilise many specialist techniques such as aerial footage, min-cams and underwater photography combined with special effects and computer animation to deliver stunning results. We research each programme careful and develop a storyboard and full concept before shooting begins. These are just a few reasons why we are the most customer recommended corporate video production company in Birmingham

Health and Safety Videos

Health and Safety is one of the biggest issues facing companies at the moment. One of the most effective ways of delivering important and often critical Health and Safety training is via video, DVD or online.

Many of our clients are taking advantage of our video production service to produce Health and Safety programmes for a number of uses, these include: Staff Training and Induction, Contractor and Visitor Safety, Work Place Safety, Fire Safety, Manual Handling, COSHH, Drugs and Alcohol and Personal Security to name but a few.

With fully inclusive health and safety video production packages starting from Under £2000 you can now afford to deliver effective training and protect your business. To see live examples of our videos go to samples page.

Training and Information Videos

Training and Informational video for the central part of many companies delivery of material. During the past 25 years we have covered a vast range of subjects and have in-depth experience that ensures that each programme is very effective. Again during the production process each subject is carefully researched and scripted.

Local Government

We are an approved local government supplier and produce many programmes that are multi-lingual and targeted at a diverse audience in terms of understanding and ethnic mix. We create the programme architecture to allow for the easy translation of the subject matter and the integration of the new content.

If you’d like  a no obligation quotation for any corporate video production project then we;d love to help you. Give us a call on 01527 910050.