How to Write a Video Production Brief

Guide to how to write a video production brief

Getting a video production can sometimes seem like a daunting task. There are loads of video production companies and they all say that they can deliver what you want. However, how do you make sure that you have an easy to understand video production brief that will outline what your goals and aims are?

The best way is to write your own video production brief and it’s easier than you think. Just follow our tips below and you’ll be able to create a document that you can supply to your chosen video production companies.

1. Define the purpose of your video

Think about what the video is going to be used for. Is it a health and safety video that you want to use for staff induction or is it an explainer video for your website? Whatever the need make sure that this is clear in your brief.

2. Target Audience 

Who are the target audience for your video. For example, if they are visitors to your website that you want to convert into sales then you’ll probably need a short explainer video as Internet viewers are impatient! This would be different to an audience who are going through a safety training induction. By defining the target audience the production company will be able to put together a suitable proposal.

3. Distribution

Where will the finished video be shown. Will it be online on your website, on TV, used on DVD in training sessions or embedded in an e-learning platform. Include how you want the video to be used in the brief.

4. Script

Think about the main messages that you want to convey. If it’s a sales video then think about the objections that you want to overcome for your customers. If it’s a training video then consider the learning outcomes that you want to achieve. A good video production company will be able to help you define these messages.

5. Voice over, interviews

Lot’s of videos use voice over to tell the story. Often this is combined with interviews that provide social proof. If you have any preference then include this in the brief. Again, a good video production company will be able to guide you through what will work best.

6. Style

Often, it’s a great idea to include links to videos that you’ve seen and like (or don’t like) to help the production company visualise what you’re looking for. You may want a video that is all live action, or you may want an animated video – again state your preferences and ask for recommendations

7. Budget

Letting a production company know the budget from the get-go is a good idea. There are lots of ways to approach getting a video produced and these all vary in costs. By letting the production company know the budget you’ll ensure that you receive quotes that meet your financial needs.

8. Deadline

Be clear about your deadline. State when the video will be shown and the date you want to receive it.

If you’d like any help with writing a video production brief or ideas on how to produce a video then we’d love to help. We’re an affordable and trusted video production company that produce videos that get results. Give us a call on 01527 910050 today.