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How to find the right explainer video production company

In this FREE guide we’ll look at what is an ‘explainer video’ and what to look for when commissioning an explainer video production company and the best ways to use these types of video.

What is an explainer video?

As you’d expect, an explainer video provides an explanation of what a business is selling or maybe an explanation of what a business does or a specific function.

For example, as an explainer video production company, our explainer videos show the various benefits of using our service to you, our potential customer.

What’s the best way to use an explainer video?

Explainer videos are great for short, concise ‘elevator’ style pitches. With the attention span of an Internet viewer limited to around 54 seconds you need to be able to get your value proposition over quickly – this is what explainer videos are best at.

They give a great intro to your business and show what you can offer

Explainer videos are ideal for differentiating you from your competitors and showing how you do things differently.

They have been proven to increase website conversion rates, i.e. converting prospects into sales.

Types of explainer video productions

There are varying ways that an explainer video production company will approach your video. For example, animated explainer videos use quirky and memorable animation to get over the messages in a remarkable way. These are what’s usually considered as an explainer video.

Other explainer video formats include ‘web presenters’ – these are usually live action presenters that pop up on a web page. While these have been popular they are becoming commonplace and less effective as time goes on.

Thought leader videos are used quite a bit to add social proof to websites. These could be a leader in a particular field that is commenting on how something works. The net effect is that it seems like a lecture as opposed to a sales video.

The best ways to use explainer videos

There are many ways to implement your video and your explainer video production company (if experienced) should be able to help you with the best strategy.

As an example, you may decide to put your explainer video on your home page to instantly explain who you are and let your prospect get a fast and positive first impression. Because of the nature of explainers they can be ideal for sales pitches and presentations where you want to get over your whole value proposition from the get-go.

One of the biggest benefits of explainer videos is that they increase website conversion rates. In recent studies it was shown that a person was 85% more likely to buy a product or engage a service if the webpage had an accompanying explainer video.

Pain – Agitate – Solve. How to structure your explainer video

The ‘pain, agitate, solve’ formula is a tried and tested direct marketing technique. It’s been adopted by explainer video production companies and is a proven to be very effective.

This is how it works:

Pain – The video opens with a scenario where we talk about a problem that the audience is experiencing. By presenting the problem the audience engage and listen for a solution.

Agitate – this is where we further agitate the pain by spelling out the consequences of inaction. This purposes further and deeper emotional engagement and further opens the audience to a solution.

Solve – This is where you present your solution, and explain how it works. It’s vital that this final section includes a strong call-to-action.

How do I find the right explainer video production company?

The right explainer video production company will understand all of the above points and will be able to create an effective video and help you implement the video. It’s always worth checking out their portfolio of samples. And check they are actually for companies and not just ‘demo’ videos they have created. It’s one thing creating an explainer video as a demo compared to one that actually is measured on business benefits by a client! Usually, if an explainer video production company has created 10+ videos for well-known brands as well as smaller clients then you’re probably not going to go far wrong.

If you’re considering an explainer video then we’d love to talk to you. We’re an explainer video production company based near Birmingham in the West Midlands and have offices in Poole in Dorset. We work for clients just like you all over the UK who want compelling animated explainer videos that boost sales and help sell more stuff!

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