5 Things to Consider when Creating your App

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With smartphone users completely bypassing the Internet in favour for the mobile app, it has drastically changed how businesses run their marketing strategies; deal with customer habits and monitor data more closely. It has allowed businesses, whether small or large, to interact more personally with their consumers in order to keep growing their company, simply based on the habits of customers usage times and how they use certain apps. With the global usage of smartphones taking over desktops in 2014, it is certainly the time to make sure you are thinking wisely about how you will utilize this area of your business.

So, lets talk about you for a moment. Your business idea is taking off in spectacular fashion and you have got so many queries about how to book, how to get hold of you, look at what you have to offer and more, so you decide to create the perfect application to represent your company whilst letting customers interact with your business whenever they need too. You have spent a considerable amount on your website and making sure that the content is just right, so why would you skimp on the app? (You wouldn’t!) To make things a little easier for you, we have suggested a few things to think about when creating your new app.


This is the first thing on everyone’s mind when doing anything for his or her business. How do you prioritize and know how much you should be spending on certain aspects of our company in order to receive the best outcome in the long-term. Unless you are highly skilled at the application making process, the chances are you will need someone to help you design and create your app, so you can create a professional finish. With this in mind you will need to choose this person (or people) carefully and make sure that they know exactly what you have in mind and what your budget is. You may have many extravagant ideas about how you want this too look, but there is nothing worse than building up your dream app then realizing it will cost an arm and a leg to create it.


It not is only about the design of your app, but you will need to think about who can access it. The professional dealing with the creation of your app should talk with you about this, but you will need to think where it will be more appropriate – The App Store and/or Android – and how much you will set the at pricing for your customers; will they pay to download it? Or can they download it for free but then pay for the content they use once it has been downloaded? You will need to think about what is more appropriate for the type of service that you offer.

 How to use it

The worst thing you could do is alienate your consumer with a difficult to use app. As you can imagine, in this day and age, technology is moving so quickly and much more advanced, which means people are becoming more and more accustomed to instant gratification with the use of their smartphones and desktops. If you believe that your app has the perfect design and looks exactly how you want it to, but it is confusing to navigate, chances are, you won’t keep your clients interests engaged for long.


Your business is like a tree, ever growing and changing flawlessly with its surroundings. This is how you want your app to represent your company. You can do this by making sure that your app is constantly being updated, refreshed and renewed with new content and developing your app every time your company makes another step or simply just needs a refreshing new face. If your app is left alone and never developed, you will notice a drop off of loyal consumers, this is because we get bored and want to know that your business has always got something new and fresh to offer. Even the smallest changes make the biggest differences. If you have create a good relationship with your app developer, the chances are, they will be happy to help you grow your app and will grow to know the best techniques to help drive your cliental straight to it.

 The Finer Details

Finally, this may seem like a blaringly obvious point to make, but it has to be said… Make sure the quality of your app is of a high standard. This application will, most likely, end up becoming the face of your business, so you want to treat it with love, care and respect. Making sure that every little detail is considered and you know exactly what your customers want to achieve from your app is crucial to keeping them engaged in the long run. The app has to represent your business and the amount you care for the customers needs. If your app is slap dash and just out there for the sake of it, then it might look as though you aren’t genuine about your intentions and could ultimately effect the way your business is viewed.

We hope that this has helped you become more aware of applications and how important they are becoming to every business, anything from a small fitness and nutrition one woman/man show, to a large media empire. No matter the size and aspirations of your business, there is always place within the market for you to make YOUR mark with a fantastic and engaging app. If you have any queries and would like to contact us about your app ideas, please get in touch with us today.