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We all know that internal training costs money. Let’s look at health and safety for example. You have to regularly train all new starters, if you have multiple sites then you need to send trainers to each site or invest in having a trainer at each site. You need to make sure that the training is consistent and (of course) that everyone remembers what the training is about. So, what’s the way to make the training cost effective, consistent and memorable – the answer is a training DVD.

We produce remarkable and memorable training DVDs and training videos for a wide range of organisations – from start-ups and SMEs to global brands and local government. Training DVDs can include health and safety, staff induction, contractor and visitor induction through to sales training. The list is endless, however the messages are always consistently delivered and the costs of delivery are low.

Training DVDs can be delivered online or via the intranet, as well as via DVD! In addition to the cost savings DVD training also means that your messages are got over to the audience in a more memorable format. A recent study by ‘Forbes’ discovered that video media and training DVDs were 70% more effective in the retention of training information than a course delivered with text or just a classroom.

“These guys are the best in the business. The videos they produced along with e-learning platform have saved a fortune in training costs.” – Kevin Simpson – H&S Training Manager, Britvic Plc

If you have any training video or DVD requirement then we’d love to help you. Not only are we affordable but we GUARANTEE that you’ll love what we do for you. So working with us is risk free.

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