The Top 3 Reasons to Outsource Video Production

How your website video production affects your business

High-quality video production has been proven to boost sales and increase interest in companies or brands of all sizes. Whether a recognisable national brand or an SME, every organisation can benefit from the addition of superb video content to websites, blogs and social media channels. But not every business has the means to constantly churn out broadcast-quality clips at a level that will be considered effective, which is why deciding to outsource video production is a viable and useful option. Here are the top three reasons why outsourcing corporate videos can be beneficial.

1. Budget Constraints

The so-called ‘age of austerity’ has seen most organisations making cut-backs in different areas. In Q3 last year, the Direct Marketing Association reported that direct marketing spend was down 6.2%, below the line spend had fallen by 16.1% and sales promotion spend had dropped 2.9%. With record redundancies and unemployment also taking their toll, austerity measures are very likely to have impacted on in-house video production capabilities.

Budgets now might not be able to facilitate hiring an expert solely to provide high-quality videos for a company, or if an existing video team is already in place, they may find that their work has limitations as a result of financial constraints. Outsourcing for certain video projects can ease the way from a cost perspective while delivering high-quality results for less than the price of taking on extra staff or new equipment.

2. Freeing Up Time

Here’s the scenario: the first batch of videos have been wildly successful and the company wishes to capitalise on this niche by producing more content and distributing it more widely. Unfortunately, the team is so tied up in producing actual web content, mailing lists or other promotional tools that devoting time to video content ends up as a burden no one wants to shoulder. Outsourcing frees up time for employees to go about their given roles without worrying about the extra video content that must be completed out-of-hours. Employing another agency to concentrate on video content also frees up the in-house team to concentrate on what it does best.

3. Perspective

As a manager, outsourcing video production to a production company can actually lead to a deeper understanding of the business and the chance to see things through a fresh pair of eyes. Relaying a message to an audience creatively is one thing, but relaying a message to another team in order for them to communicate the message to an audience using superior tools can force communications teams to look at things differently. This dynamic enables everyone involved to get a new creative view of their own brand, and allows for a greater level of effectiveness in marketing and promotional output.

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