Interactive Company CD

Interactive company CD production

Over the last few years interactive company CD production has been replaced for the most part by DVD and now online, web and mobile apps. Mostly, interactive media is used online and across the internet for a wide range of applications to teach, train and learn. In particular e-learning applications are used to deliver highly engaging training that includes animation, graphics and live action video.

This has seen the replacement of interactive company CD production in favour of the more flexible online applications. Here at Stormnet media we deliver effective online apps and e-learning solutions for a wide range of organisations, from start-ups and SMEs through to local government, healthcare operations and global brands such as Britvic and Motorola.

“These guys are the best in the business. The videos they produced along with e-learning platform have saved a fortune in training costs.” – Kevin Simpson – H&S Training Manager, Britvic Plc

We have helped deliver engaging and persuasive interactive company presentations that have been used to help our clients sell more stuff, train staff and customers. It all started with interactive company CD production bust now is pretty much exclusively delivered online.

Our e-learning systems for example ensure that the learner retains the training information and they can be tracked and audited to ensure that they meet the relevant training standards that is required. This helps to create a safer environment and is easy to administer and deliver.

In addition we can link the e-learning and interactive company presentations through mobile apps to true portability. This means that you can stay on top of your training all at a touch of a button.

If you’d like any sort of interactive company presentation or e-learning application then we’d be glad to help. Contact us today.