How to Script an Explainer Video

Pitfalls to avoid when writing an explainer video for your website

Writing a website explainer video script seems like it should be easy. After all, you know your product. If you know how to use it, it should be easy to show people how it works. Add to that the fact that you’ve probably explained it in person many times and you may feel like you have nothing to worry about. In fact, creating an explainer video requires some thought, even for those who know their product inside out. Translating your knowledge of a product or service into a video means bearing a few key points in mind.

The first and most important point is to keep your video short. Studies have shown that an explainer video longer than 60 seconds rapidly loses viewer attention. Sometimes the subject means that you can’t avoid taking longer, but you should still avoid wasting time if possible. If you have a long and complicated subject, consider breaking it up into several smaller videos.

The next thing to consider when writing your script is your intended audience. Think about who you’re speaking to and imagine the questions they’re likely to have. Create a short list of the points you want to get across. Imagine your hypothetical viewer’s response to these points – what questions would he or she be likely to have? If you have the opportunity to talk to people who aren’t familiar with your work, try your spiel on them and ask them if there’s anything else they feel they need to know.

Development of the spoken and visual aspects of your video should go hand in hand. The great advantage of a website video is its ability to demonstrate a product or process visually. Narration should therefore complement and reinforce the visual element of the video. Walk the viewer through anything that might not be obvious at first glance as well as using the visual aspect to demonstrate anything that’s difficult to explain verbally.

The nature of your product will determine what kind of visual element your script should incorporate. You may be “ screen-casting screen-casting screen-casting– displaying your computer’s screen with a voice-over – or you may be creating an animated presentation. Alternatively, you may be demonstrating a product in person. The one thing you should never do is simply speak directly to the camera. If you need to talk to the camera, make sure to incorporate an activity or demonstration that makes your monologue visually interesting. Otherwise, why use a video at all?

First-time scriptwriters often underestimate how long a script is. Words that take a split second to read on the page can take several minutes to read out loud, so it’s vital to rehearse the script several times in order to forge it into its most effective form. Once you have a script for your explainer video, rehearse it until it’s smooth and natural-sounding. Your confidence will inspire confidence in the listener.

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