Corporate Video And Facebook – The Match Made In Heaven

Smart business owners around the world are starting to turn to corporate video to get their message across. Whilst YouTube and your business website are great channels for your video, social media allows you to throw a shareable and likeable video into your marketing mix to really shake things up.

A corporate video connects quicker than any other marketing medium and it can bring you some huge returns. Not only does video help to bring your business and your ideas and offerings to life – it also helps your target audience to “get you” and what you are all about in moments. And if you are looking for a way to build dialogue across your social media community, a great video can work wonders.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Facebook

Recent studies have shown that the people who ‘like’ brands on Facebook do so not just because they are following others, but because they have a genuine affinity with the brand. Of course, special offers, competitions and other incentives work too, but the majority of followers will truly like the brand and what they are doing.  Facebook users know they are in control.  They know who they can choose to like, the ads they can choose to hide from their feed and the things they can choose to share with others.  And if they like your corporate video, they are going to share that too.

And Then Things Get Really Interesting…

Imagine one of your Facebook friends recommends a brand or product to you. You trust that friend and respect their opinion. With this in mind, you’d probably take a deeper look into what they just took the time to share with you. This is word of mouth marketing at its best and it could mean big business for your brand.

Social media is not just a gimmick or a passing phase. It is an established major part of the Internet and a big part of our lives. Corporate video that is shared and liked on Facebook generally outperforms video that is published on any other medium. That’s because users become engaged in a new experience that totally immerses their senses for a few seconds.  At Stormnet Media, our job is to make those few seconds count and our corporate video production services have helped hundreds of companies to make an instant impact.

Corporate Video – How To Entertain And Gain

When it comes to distributing your corporate story online, Facebook is a terrific medium, but you need to do it in the right way.  Facebook isn’t somewhere people go when they need to make complex decisions. They want to be entertained and to share their experience with others to make others feel good or enlightened.

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Written by Ian Stainton


Ian Stainton is the CEO and Founder of Stormnet Media Ltd, an award winning video production and digital media agency based near Birmingham in the UK. He is trusted by global brands, SMEs and start-ups to help them engage and interact with their customers  – ultimately selling more stuff. You can check him out on Google+