Corporate DVD Filming

Corporate DVD filming and video production

OK, so you’ve got a website, it’s got lots of text and some pics on it – but are you actively converting website visitors into leads? Are they reading the text or browsing and then leaving? For many companies like you this is a BIG problem. Your market is crowded – everyone has a website so how does a prospect differentiate you from all the rest of the competition? What sets you apart?

Well, there is a proven way that you can massively increase your web visitor retention, actively convert traffic into sales and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Corporate DVD filming can be used to make your story remarkable and memorable.

We help lots of companies like you drive lots more sales and make lots more profit. Period.

Research by ‘Forbes’ has proven that web visitors will retain 70% more information when there is a video on the page. This is the same for sales pitches and training sessions. Corporate DVD filming can be used to create powerful and compelling videos that can be used for a number of purposes.

We are trusted by a wide range of clients’, from small businesses and start-ups through to global brands to deliver effective video that works.

“They have helped the City of Birmingham secure millions in investment with a very compelling video.” – Imogen Homes, Birmingham Marketing Partnership

All corporate DVD filming is carried out in HD, all filming is planned to deliver maximum impact and we often combine live action with animation for a highly creative and persuasive look.

We work all over the UK and we have production facilities near Birmingham in the West Midlands as well as Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Our corporate DVD filming and video production service will help you stand out and sell more stuff!

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