5 Pitfalls to Avoid with Web Video Production

5 Pitfalls to avoid with web video production – FREE Guide

There are loads of techie guides that refer to stuff like codecs, frame and bit rate and compression software. These are great of course and should be used in order to get the best technical quality out of your videos. However, there are not so many easy-to-follow guides that help you simply make a great video.

So we’ve put this free guide together to help you avoid the common mistakes and make your web video production stand out from the crowd.

1. Mess and clutter

One of the biggest mistakes we see is when there has been no attention paid to what’s in the background of your shots. Lots of people mistakenly believe that no one will take any notice of what’s behind them – wrong! Viewers take on messages from the whole scene and this can influence their decision. So, for example if the background is dirty and scruffy (and your saying how good your service is) then it’s likely they won’t believe you.

Remember, if the camera is pointing at you then it’s also pointing at all the stuff behind you! So think about where you’re filming and pay attention to the background.

2. Invest in a tripod

With web video production your pictures will be more compressed than usual. The thing about this is that it affects the way that pictures are handled and where you have lots of shots with a moving camera the picture quality can be made to look worse.

However, this can simply be rectified if you invest in a tripod. A tripod is always a good thing to use when shooting as many amateur videos usually suffer from constantly moving, hand held shots. With a tripod not only will your shots be stable but it will also be an easier watch for your viewers.

3. Think Lighting

Good lighting is an essential part of any web video production. If you’re video is too dark then people wont want to watch it. So, if you’re filming say a process in your factory it’s worth putting a light on it. We’ve seen lots of videos that are made well apart from the lighting that then lets down the whole production. It’s better to be too bright than too dark.

4. Sound quality

People take away a lot from a video sound track. So give some consideration to the quality of the sound and what is actually being recorded. Invest in a good quality microphone to make sure what you record is a good quality and clear to start with. Take the time to record a background (or ambient) soundtrack as this can add another dimension to your video. If you’re recording a process then the viewer may want to hear how it sounds – so record this too.

When you edit your web video production also think about whether you want to add sound effects and music. Don’t fall into the trap of just bunging music over an entire video. Videos need ‘light and shade’ and having a combination of sound effects and music can be more effective.

5. To zoom or not to zoom

Ah, the bane of many a web video production… the dreaded zoom. The cardinal sin of video can be the over-use of the zoom buttons. If you have any doubt whether to use the zoom then don’t!

Zooming in and out of a subject can give the viewer sea-sickness and is vey off putting. It’s better instead to think about the shots first and plan a static close up, medium wide and then wide shots. These can then be edited together to make a better sequence.

Another consideration is the placement of the camera. In general, the subject should be in the centre of the shot. Think about whether your shot is also level. Wonky shots are really off-putting for a viewer.

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