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OK, so we all know that business is pretty tough these days. And that’s everything from making sure you have a well-trained, safe and efficient work force through to maximizing your resources.

More than ever every single sales leads is valuable so it’s vital that you make sure that when you get a lead or web visitor you convert it into a sale. But how do you do this? Everyone of your competitors has websites so how do you make your stand out and how do you make sure you have a high conversion rate?

Well, meet Stormnet Media – THE video production company Birmingham.

We know how to make videos that work. We can uplift your conversion rate on your website with an awesome explainer video. In fact, studies by ‘Forbes’ has shown that website visitors are a massive 85% more likely to buy a product or service if it is accompanied with a video. That’s a statistic you just can’t ignore.

This means more leads, more sales and more profits. Period.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’re trusted by companies of all sizes in Birmingham from SMEs and Birmingham City Council, through to the likes of Royal Mail, Pepsi and Black & Decker. Here’s what one customer said:

“Powerful and compelling videos have helped us double sales across a number of strategic – Highly recommended” – Tony Parkin – Business Channel Development, Orange

If you’re looking for training video production company Birmingham then we deliver memorable and remarkable videos that are used to train staff in lots of different topics like health and safety. In fact we produce videos on almost any subject and use.

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Training videos
Promo videos
Health and safety videos
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For a no obligation quotation from your local, friendly experts at Stormnet Media then please give us a call today on 01527 910050 or use our quick quote form – we’d love to hear from you.