Are your website videos legal?

Some legal basics for website videos

Website videos are the fastest growing means of communication for lots of businesses. From explainer videos through to how-to-guides and video blogs. The explosion in affordable video has also meant a lot of people making their own videos and unwittingly facing copyright infringement cases.

This is obviously a shock for many and can end up ruining a business as well as a businesses reputation. The most common charges are for copyright and trademark infringement, defamation and right of publicity.

As you may imagine, most of these cases are when people use or download copyright content that they don’t own. By far the biggest offender is a downloaded image that’s then used in a video. However, there also lots of cases of people using company logos, music and video clips that they simply don’t own.

So, in a nutshell you can’t just download stuff and use it in your new video. If you have any doubt then it’s worth checking with a solicitor first.

The fines for copyright infringement with your new website videos can be very high. This is not only the actual fine but also the court fees and solicitor costs. Simply saying you didn’t know your should have used something is not an argument that will stand up in court.

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