How to Choose an Animation Company in Birmingham

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Managers’ guide to choosing the right animation company in Birmingham in the West Midlands

If you’re a business based in Birmingham in the West Midlands and you’re looking to source an animation company then it makes sense to look on your doorstep before trying anywhere else. But how do you choose the right company to create your animation and where do you start looking?

This ‘managers guide’ is designed to give you some insider information to allow you to make an informed decision and choose the right company to work with.

Where do I start?

OK, the easiest way to find a local animation company in Birmingham is to start by doing a search on Google. You’ll see from this that you quickly get a long list of animation companies who all claim to deliver the earth! You’ll also notice a mix of individual animators and businesses of all sizes.

The first thing to do is to make a short list of companies that you like the look of. Often the initial ‘gut instinct’ can be valuable. And while not an exact science it does count for something. Once you’ve decided on say the top five animation companies in Birmingham it’s then worth having a close look at what they can do.

Check out their work

The most obvious thing to do is to check out the examples of the animation company’s work. It’s amazing how many people don’t look closely at a portfolio yet it’s the major indicator of the quality. Check to see if they have specific examples that relate to your project. For example, if you’d like an animated explainer video then check to see if they have produced any. Likewise if you’re after 3D animation then check to see they have experience in this area.

It’s also worth ensuring that the samples on their showreel are actually ‘real’ jobs. By this we mean jobs that have been produced commercially and not ‘demo’ work.

Speak to their customers

A sure fire way to get a handle of an animation company’s quality is to talk to their clients. The best  ones won’t have a problem with this! Ask about if they stayed on budget and delivered on time. Also ask if they were friendly to work with.

Think about the location

If you are looking for an animation company in Birmingham then it’s no point picking one based too far away. If possible choose one where it’s easy to get to if you need a face-to-face meeting.

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