How Social Media changed video and marketing forever


The turn of the century brought on massive changes in the social media industry. You could argue that MySpace was the catalyst for this domino affect of social web services that allowed us grow closer, not only as a community or country, but the world. Although it was essentially a music-streaming platform for musicians to share with friends, it grew into much more than that, allowing people to connect in a way that had never been seen before. The demise of this type of interactive media was slowly taken over by the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more recently, Instagram and Vine.


Stores such as HMV did not take the power of these media platforms and soon recognised their mistake after shutting down over 300 stores across the UK. With the ability to share content so quickly over the Internet, it is easy to imagine why music, video and technology stores were shutting down left right and center. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine are now collectively worth billions in their status of social media content sharing.


Good Question. In a world with so much at our fingertips and so many home-created videos going viral and easier ways to share it all on platforms like YouTube, it has spurred the industry of advertising and marketing to be more creative and personal to its target audience. It is not the case of simply using your content to reach one mass market over TV or radio; it has to feel as though it is reaching to each individual member of the audience in its own specific way.


With millions of videos going viral every year, it is not hard to understand why so many companies are using this ‘DIY’ platform to create content easy for viewers to share instantaneously. So many videos that have gone viral started from the simplicity of someone capturing an emotionally accessible piece of footage, whether its funny, moving or informative in this home created setting to being recreated by corporate companies in order to look like their large conglomerate are just as accessible and heartwarming as those who are using a home-video system, whilst cleverly marketing their product or services.


Be Creative. Tailoring your videos online is the most crucial way to reach out to your demographic. Although creating and making a video to go viral might not necessarily be your aim, it is important to have the content there that makes it accessible, emotive and individual in order for people remember it and want to come back to it.


You could have a 10 minute video explaining every little thing that goes on inside your business or a 30 second video with just an animation, but which one do you think the viewer is most likely going to want to come back to and possibly share with their friends, family or colleagues? In this social media dominated world with such fast access to newer and better things on every scroll, the answer is most likely to be the latter. Over the last decade we have been conditioned into lowering our attention spans, so you want to keep your video short, but sweet.


Content is key. This is what social media has taught us, most recently over the past 5 years with video streaming apps such as Instagram and Vine. The videos posted on these apps have to be a maximum of 15 seconds for Instagram and a much shorter 6 seconds for Vine. Therefore, the content is most definitely, key. It is about capturing someone’s attention in the first few seconds of a video with creative, original and emotive content. This includes the appropriate visuals, using animations, real-life or storyboards to put your business across in the best light possible as an accessible, friendly but professional service. As soon as you do this, you are onto a winner!

If the 21st Century has taught us anything, it is to think far more creatively as a business in our marketing ideas, which can only be a good thing! So if you want your videos to stand out and do much more than just sit alongside the millions of other videos out there, then contact our skilled and friendly team today on 01527 910050 or use our contact form to get in touch.